2023 Scott Addict RC vs Foil RC

Bike expert, Bernard Lu compares the current Scott Addict and Foil road bike lineup in terms of models, build and pricing.

Experienced cyclist turned writer with 7+ years working in bike shops, overseeing retail and workshop operations.

Scott road bikes can be divided into four models;

  • Addict RC (all-rounder)
  • Foil RC (aerodynamic)
  • Speedster (budget)
  • Contessa (women range)

The top-of-the-line carbon frame is called the Ultimate, followed by Pro and numbering such as 10, 20, 30, and so on. The women-specific models are denoted by 15, 25, 35, and so on.

One of the main differences is the carbon fiber which ranges from HMX-SL (lightest, stiffest) to HMX and HMF (heavier but more comfortable).

Most Scott’s road bikes are disc only except the lower end of the Speedster family (below $1,000).

Scott bike modelType of Scott bikePrice range (USD)
Scott Addict RCAll-rounder race bike$4,799 to $15,999
Scott AddictEndurance bike$2,399 to $5,499
Scott Foil RCAero race bike$4,799 to $15,999
Scott SpeedsterEntry level bike$1,499 to $1,999
Scott ContessaWomen road bike$1,499 to $5,499
Scott road bikes lineup

Scott Addict RC

Scott Addict RC Ultimate SRAM Red eTap AXS
Scott Addict RC Ultimate. Photo : Scott

The Scott Addict RC Ultimate is a top-of-the-line model made from the superlight HMX SL Carbon. The Scott Addict RC Pro is next in line with the HMX Carbon. Both models have a fully integrated, one-piece carbon handlebar.

Further down the line are five Scott Addict RC models built with the HMX Carbon. They use a two-piece aluminum handlebar, and the cables are fully hidden. RC stands for Racing Concept, and the Addict RC is Scott’s performance racing bike.

There’s also a women-specific Scott Contessa Addict RC similar to the standard version, except for the touchpoints, saddles, handlebars, and compact cranksets.

ModelFrame materialGroupsetWheelsetRetail price (USD)
Scott Addict RC UltimateCarbon (HMX-SL)SRAM Red eTap AXSZipp 353 NSW$15,999
Scott Addict RC ProCarbon (HMX)Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 (R9200)Zipp 303SE$9,999
Scott Addict RC 10Carbon (HMX)SRAM Force eTap AXSSyncros Capital 1.0 35$7,599
Scott Addict RC 15Carbon (HMX)Shimano Ultegra Di2 (R8100)Syncros Capital 1.0 35$6,799
Scott Addict RC 20Carbon (HMX)SRAM Force eTap AXSSyncros RP2.0$6,299
Scott Addict RC 30Carbon (HMX)SRAM Rival eTap AXSSyncros RP2.0$5,299
Scott Addict RC 40Carbon (HMX)Shimano 105 Di2 (R7100)Syncros RP2.0$4,799
Scott Addict RC models lineup
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Scott Foil RC

Scott Foil RC Pro Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 (R9200)
Scott Foil RC Pro. Photo : Scott

The Scott Foil RC was refreshed in mid-2022, just in time to debut at the Tour de France. Scott worked with aerodynamics expert Simon Smart, the founder of Drag2Zero. Simon is also the man behind the design of Enve wheels.

According to wind tunnel testing, the new Scott Foil RC is 9% lighter than its predecessor, thanks to the HMX-SL Carbon fiber layup, and 10% more aerodynamically efficient.

There are five models available in disc and electronic shifting only.

ModelFrame materialGroupsetWheelsetRetail price (USD)
Scott Foil RC UltimateCarbon (HMX-SL)SRAM Red eTap AXSZipp 454 NSW$15,999
Scott Foil RC ProCarbon (HMX)Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 (R9200)Shimano Dura-Ace C50$10,999
Scott Foil RC 10Carbon (HMX)Shimano Ultegra Di2 (R8100)Syncros Capital 1.0 50$6,999
Scott Foil RC 20Carbon (HMX)SRAM Rival eTap AXSSyncros Capital 1.0 50$6,299
Scott Foil RC 30Carbon (HMX)Shimano 105 Di2 (R7100)Syncros RR2.0$4,799
Scott Foil RC models lineup
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Scott Speedster

Scott Speedster 10
Scott Speedster 10. Photo : Scott

The Scott Speedster is an entry-level, aluminum road (and gravel) bike. Like the Scott Addict, it has an endurance frame geometry for a wider spectrum of recreational cyclists.

While the frame is made from aluminum, the fork is carbon and comes with 32c tires for even more comfort. There are six models in the Speedster family, two of which are the Contessa Speedster (women-specific) models.

ModelFrame materialGroupsetRetail price (USD)
Scott Speedster 10Aluminum (6061)Shimano 105 (R7000)$1,999
Scott Speedster 20Aluminum (6061)Shimano Tiagra (R4700)$1,699
Scott Speedster 30Aluminum (6061)Shimano Sora (R3000)$1,599
Scott Speedster 40Aluminum (6061)Shimano Claris (R2400)$1,499
Scott Contessa Speedster 15Aluminum (6061)Shimano Tiagra (R4700)$1,699
Scott Contessa Speedster 25Aluminum (6061)Shimano Claris (R2400)$1,499
Scott Speedster retail prices in USD

Scott Contessa Addict

Scott Contessa Addict SE Shimano Ultegra Di2
Scott Contessa Addict 15. Photo : Scott

The Scott Contessa is the women-specific range of road bikes. It’s present across the Scott Addict and Speedster lineup.

The difference between Contessa and the regular, unisex models is the touchpoints. Scott Contessa models have shorter stems, narrower handlebars, and women-specific saddles. The frame geometry remains unchanged.

ModelFrame materialGroupsetRetail price (USD)
Scott Contessa Addict SECarbon (HMF)Shimano Ultegra Di2 (R8100)$5,499
Scott Contessa Addict 15Carbon (HMF)Shimano 105 Di2 (R7100)$3,599
Scott Contessa Addict 25Carbon (HMF)Shimano 105 (R7000)$2,799
Scott Contessa Addict 35Carbon (HMF)Shimano Tiagra (R4700)$2,399
Scott Contessa retail prices in USD
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