Youngest Vuelta Espana General Classification Winners

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Throughout its history, 190 riders have won the Vuelta Espana general classification when they were under 26 years. Any rider under 26 qualifies for the Young Rider Classification (white jersey) introduced in 2017.

Angelino Soler was the youngest winner of the Vuelta Espana general classification when he was 21 and 168 days old. He won the 1961 Vuelta Espana.

Gustaaf Deloor is the only rider under 26 who has won the General Classification twice, in 1935 and 1936. He also won three stages in each of these years respectively.

Vincenzo Nibali is the only currently active rider who won the Vuelta Espana General Classification when he was under 26 in 2010.

For comparison, the average age of the Vuelta Espana general classification winner is 28 years and 2 months.

Angelino Soler21 years + 168 days1961
Gustaaf Deloor21 years + 325 days1935
Frans De Mulder22 years + 153 days1960
Gustaaf Deloor22 years + 336 days1936
Bernardo Ruiz23 years + 175 days1948
Bernard Hinault23 years + 181 days1978
Éric Caritoux23 years + 263 days1984
Faustino Rupérez23 years + 286 days1980
Luis Ocaña24 years + 337 days1970
Marino Lejarreta24 years + 360 days1982
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