The 19 Oldest Vuelta Espana General Classification Winners

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2021 Vuelta Espana Podium Winners
Primoz Roglic won the 2021 Vuelta Espana, aged 31 years, 311 days

The peak years for a professional cyclist are often between 25 and 32. It’s considered the sweet spot between experience and peak physical condition.

The average age of the Vuelta Espana general classification winner is 28 years and 2 months.

Chris Horner is the oldest rider to win the Vuelta Espana general classification. He won the 2013 edition, aged 41 years and 328 days. He’s also the oldest rider to win a stage at the Vuelta Espana when he won on Stage 3 and 10 in 2013. In doing so, he also became the oldest rider to wear the leader’s jersey.

Besides Chris Horner, there were 14 other riders aged 30 and above when they won the Vuelta Espana. Primož Roglič is the last rider to win in 2021, aged 31 years and 311 days.

Chris Horner41 years, 328 days
Tony Rominger33 years, 49 days
Alexandre Vinokourov33 years, 1 days
Joop Zoetemelk32 years, 161 days
Chris Froome32 years, 113 days
Tony Rominger32 years, 50 days
Sean Kelly31 years, 356 days
Ferdinand Bracke31 years, 356 days
Primož Roglič31 years, 311 days
Alberto Contador31 years, 282 days
Roberto Heras31 years, 209 days
Jesús Loroño31 years, 121 days
Angelo Conterno31 years, 60 days
Tony Rominger31 years, 51 days
Primož Roglič31 years, 10 days
Roberto Heras30 years, 218 days
Augustín Tamames30 years, 204 days
José Pesarrodona30 years, 105 days
Julián Berrendero30 years, 99 days
The 19 Oldest Vuelta Espana General Classification Winners
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