How to Update Shimano Di2 (11 and 12-speed) Firmware via Bluetooth

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Shimano has developed a user-friendly method to update Di2 firmware for 11 and 12-speed as seamlessly as possible. The E-Tube App and Bluetooth connection lets you easily update your Di2 firmware wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet at home.

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of updating your Shimano Di2 firmware based on my seven years of experience as a Di2 user and the latest Shimano instruction manual.

Prerequisites for the Di2 firmware update

  • Built-in Bluetooth capabilities. 12-speed Di2 systems (Dura-Ace R9200, Ultegra R8100, and 105 R7100) have integrated Bluetooth capabilities into the rear derailleur.
  • Add-on Bluetooth capabilities. 11-speed Di2 systems (Dura-Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000, GRX 817) require the wireless module (EW-WU111) D-Fly and battery (BT-DN110) to support Bluetooth.
  • Shimano E-Tube Project App is a hub for managing your Di2 system, allowing you to customize settings, diagnose issues, and perform firmware updates. The app is free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Fully charged Di2 system and smartphone. Ensure your Di2 system and smartphone are fully charged before updating. A firmware update can take some time, and it’s crucial not to interrupt the process due to a dead battery. This could result in potential issues with your Di2 system.
  • Stable internet connection. A stable internet connection is required to download the latest firmware updates. Ensure you have a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connection to avoid interruptions during the update process.

Step-by-step guide to update Shimano Di2 firmware

  1. Launch the E-Tube Project App and connect to the Shimano Di2 system. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Connect to the Di2 system via Bluetooth. Stay within 3 feet (1 meter) of your bike.
    • For 11-speed Di2. Enable pairing mode by pressing and holding the button on Junction A. Depending on your bike’s setup, Junction A can be located below the stem, handlebar end, or downtube. The system is in pairing mode when the green and red LEDs flash alternately.
    • For 12-speed Di2. Press and hold the function button on the rear derailleur. The system is in pairing mode when the blue LED flashes.
    • Press the + icon on the E-Tube Project App and select the Shimano Di2 unit to pair.
  3. If asked for a passkey, the default passkey is 000000. You can change the passcode in the E-Tube Project App for security reasons.
  4. The E-Tube Project App will list all connected Di2 components. Check Shimano’s Firmware Updates page to see what’s changed.
  5. You’ll see the Update Available status for each component if new firmware versions are available.
  6. Update one component at a time while keeping the smartphone next to the bike. The app will download and transfer the firmware update to your Di2 system via Bluetooth. During this process, ensure not to interrupt the connection or turn off your mobile device or Di2 system, which may cause the update to fail or damage your system.
  7. Repeat for other components until completed.
  8. Disconnect the app from the system to exit maintenance mode. This step is crucial. The shifters will not work if the app is still connected.

Troubleshooting common issues

Shifters and derailleurs are not working

If the Di2 is not shifting or unresponsive after a successful update, ensure you have disconnected the E-tube App from the Di2 system. Press on the red Disconnect button at the bottom of the E-tube App.

E-tube app won’t connect

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your Di2 system to the app, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and your Di2 system is in pairing mode. If you cannot connect, restart your mobile device.

If you’re using 11-speed Di2 (R9100, R8000, GRX 817), ensure you have both the wireless module (EW-WU111) D-Fly and battery (BT-DN110).

Firmware update fails or is interrupted

If the firmware update process is interrupted or fails, do not panic. First, ensure that your mobile device and Di2 system have sufficient power and try updating the firmware again.


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