How to Reset Shimano Di2 Passkey via Bluetooth

Founder, Mr. Mamil

Found yourself in a situation where you don’t know or have forgotten the Shimano Di2 passkey and can’t access the Di2 configurations via Bluetooth?

It happened to me before too.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to easily reset your Shimano Di2 passkey.

What is the default Di2 passkey?


How to reset the default Di2 passkey?

  1. Connect to the Di2 system via Bluetooth on the E-Tube Project app.
  2. Once connected, scroll down through the list of Di2 components and look for the Wireless Module (EW-WU111, EW-WU101).
  3. Select Change at the bottom.
  4. Enter the new 6-digit passcode.
  5. Select Apply to save changes.
  6. Disconnect from the Di2 system by pressing the Disconnected button in the E-Tube app. Otherwise, the shifting wouldn’t work.

What if I forgot the passkey?

You’ll have to physically connect to the Di2 system using the desktop PC E-Tube Project App. To do so, you’ll need the SM-PCE01 or SM-PCE02 linkage device.

Alternatively, your local bike shop should have the device and will be able to reset the Di2 passcode for you.

What is the passkey for?

The passkey provides a layer of security to your Di2 system. It prevents strangers from accessing and changing your Di2 configurations without your knowledge.

Like your home router password, it’s advisable not to use the default passcode.

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