Pinarello Dogma F Frame Geometry (2021-2023)

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Pinarello Dogma F Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 (R9200)
Pinarello Dogma F

The geometry chart below applies to all Pinarello Dogma F frames from the following:

  • Years: 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Frame material: Carbon
Frame Size425465485500510520525540560600
Stack (mm)502.4525.4532.3542.6551.2561.6570.2584.8613.3651.7
Reach (mm)351.4372.1378383.3385388.8390.7396.7393.3410.1
Top Tube, C-C (mm)500525535545550557565575587620
Seat Tube, C-T (mm)425465485500510520525540560600
Seat Tube, C-C (mm)430500515530540550560575595620
Seat Tube Angle74.4º74º73.7º73.7º73.4º73.4º73º73º72.4º72º
Head Tube (mm)97109114123131142149.5163199239
Head Tube Angle69.5º71.4º72º72.5º72.8º72.8º73.2º73.7º73.4º73.4º
Chainstay (mm)406406406406408408408408408411
BB Drop (mm)67727272727272726767
Fork Offset (mm)43434343434343434343
Fork Height (mm)373373373373373373373373373373
Pinarello Dogma F (2021-2023) frame geometry chart

Source : Pinarello

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