Mark Cavendish’s Sunglasses at 2023 Tour de France

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Mark Cavendish Oakley Kato 2023
Mark Cavendish wearing Oakley Kato at 2023 Tour de France

Legendary British sprinter, Mark Cavendish, and world-renowned eyewear manufacturer, Oakley, have come together to create a unique Signature Series edition of the innovative Kato model sunglasses.

Cavendish, known as the modern deity of sprinters and a long-standing partner of Oakley, has been intricately involved in the design process of these sunglasses, ensuring a perfect fusion of his personal style and performance needs.

The Oakley Kato model, celebrated for its futuristic design and advanced technology, takes a leap forward in this collaboration. The Signature Series showcases a pristine white frame paired with the exclusive Prizm 24K lenses. This radiant combination is further accentuated with detailed gold accents and a unique Cav etching on the lenses. The subtle Greek mythology-inspired design pays homage to Cavendish’s love for the ancient lore and presents a mystical aura to the glasses.

A distinct feature of the Oakley Kato model, the frameless one-piece lens, stands out with its cutting-edge design. The lack of a traditional nose bridge and an extended wrap create an almost mask-like feel, conforming perfectly to the face’s contours.

Oakley describes this innovative design as one that mimics the structural properties of a typical frame. These glasses have been previously sported by legendary cyclists like four-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome and green jersey winner Sam Bennett, and now carry the Cavendish stamp of approval.

Mark Cavendish in Oakley Jawbone
Mark Cavendish in Oakley Jawbone during his HTC-Highroad days

Looking back at Cavendish’s illustrious career, his connection with Oakley has been integral. The Signature Series sunglasses come with a special edition microbag featuring a retrospective of various sunglass styles such as the Oakley Jawbone and Jawbreaker worn by the Manx Missile throughout his career. This sentimental touch takes the fans on a journey down memory lane and gives a nod to Cavendish’s journey in the sport.

Mark Cavendish, who equaled Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 stage wins at the 2021 Tour de France, hopes to break this record in the upcoming race. He will be sporting these signature Kato glasses, symbolizing not just his past victories but also his unwavering determination for more.

The Oakley Kato Cavendish Edition is available at Oakley and retails at $333.

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