What is the Fastest Average Speed at the Tour de France?

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The fastest ever Tour de France stage (excluding time trials) was on Stage 4 in 1999. Mario Cipollini won it in a bunch sprint. He finished the 194.5km (121.6 miles) stage in 3h 51’ 45”, with an average speed of 50.355km/h.

Until now, it’s still the only Tour de France stage (excluding time trials) where the winner’s average speed is above 50km/h.

Pablo Lastras holds the second-fastest Tour de France stage record on Stage 18 of the 2003 Tour de France. He finished the 203.5km (127.2 miles) stage in 4h 3’ 18” with an average speed of 49.938km/h.

The third fastest Tour de France stage record was achieved by Johan Bruyneel, who finished the 158km (98.8 miles) Stage 6 of the 1993 Tour de France in 3h 11’ 50”, with an average speed of 49.417km/h.

Below are the top 10 fastest Tour de France average speeds, excluding time trials.

RiderAverage speedTimeDistanceYearStage
Mario Cipollini50.355 km/h3h 51′ 45″194.5km19994
Pablo Lastras49.938 km/h4h 3′ 18″203.5km200318
Johan Bruyneel49.417 km/h3h 11′ 50″158km19936
Patrice Halgand48.932 km/h3h 0′ 15″147km200210
Adri Van der Poel48.927 km/h46′ 36″38km198816
Tom Steels48.764 km/h4h 12′ 51″205.5km199812
Patrick Sercu48.677 km/h56′ 42″46km197713a
Robbie McEwen48.584 km/h3h 46′ 0″183km20055
Eddy Merckx48.532 km/h2h 19′ 5″112.5km197421a
Alessandro Petacchi48.398 km/h3h 27′ 39″167.5km20033
Fastest Tour de France stages average speed
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