How Many Riders at the 2023 Tour de France?

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In 2023, there will be 22 teams in the Tour de France, consisting of 18 UCI World Tour and four invited teams. Each team has eight riders, with a total of 176 riders.

Key takeaways

  • Individual participants took part from 1904 to 1929.
  • National teams and mostly French individuals (called touriste-routiers) took part from 1930 to 1937. The national teams were made up of Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.
  • Commercially sponsored teams replaced national teams in 1962. The 1968 edition was an exception where the commercial sponsors pulled out and thus was competed by national teams.
  • Maximum number of riders per team ranged between 10 and 11 up to 1986. From 1987, it was reduced to 9 and to 8 in 2018. As the average speed increases, the large number of riders increases the dangers and risks.
  • Most number of teams was in 2021 with 23 teams. In the last 30 years, the number ranged from 20 to 23.
  • ASO started an invitation system in 1989. UCI World Tour (formerly UCI ProTour) teams automatically qualify for the Tour de France and the balance (3 to 6 teams) are made up of teams invited by the ASO (owner of Tour de France). The invited teams are usually French Pro Continental teams.
  • 13 riders, including favorites such as Ivan Basso and Jan Ulrich, were expelled on the eve of the 2006 edition due to the Spanish doping scandal.
  • In 2008, Astana who was the team of 2007 winner, Alberto Contador was not invited due to its ongoing doping scandals.

Key statistics

  • Most number of starters was in 1986 with 210 riders.
  • Least number of starters was in 1905 and 1934 with only 60 riders.
  • Highest completion rate was 88.1% in 2019, followed by 87.9% (2016) and 86.7% (2009).
  • Highest abandonment rate was 85.5% in 1919, followed by 82.9% (1906) and 82.1% (1913).
  • Advancement in training, recovery, and nutrition has seen 14 out of the last 20 editions (except 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2012, and 2021) have a completion rate of above 80%.

The table below shows the number of starters and finishers for each Tour de France edition.

YearStartersFinishers% FinishedRides per teamTeamsTeam type
202217613476.1%822Commercial sponsors
202118414176.6%823Commercial sponsors
202017614683.0%822Commercial sponsors
201917615588.1%822Commercial sponsors
201817614582.4%822Commercial sponsors
201719816784.3%922Commercial sponsors
201619817487.9%922Commercial sponsors
201519816080.8%922Commercial sponsors
201419816482.8%922Commercial sponsors
201319816985.4%922Commercial sponsors
201219815377.3%922Commercial sponsors
201119816784.3%922Commercial sponsors
201019717086.3%920Commercial sponsors
200918015686.7%920Commercial sponsors
200818014580.6%920Commercial sponsors
200718914174.6%921Commercial sponsors
200617613979.0%920Commercial sponsors
200518915582.0%921Commercial sponsors
200418814778.2%921Commercial sponsors
200319814774.2%922Commercial sponsors
200218915381.0%921Commercial sponsors
200118914476.2%921Commercial sponsors
200019712764.5%920Commercial sponsors
199918014178.3%920Commercial sponsors
19981899650.8%921Commercial sponsors
199719813970.2%922Commercial sponsors
199619712965.5%922Commercial sponsors
199518911560.8%921Commercial sponsors
199418911761.9%921Commercial sponsors
199318013675.6%920Commercial sponsors
199219813065.7%922Commercial sponsors
199119815879.8%922Commercial sponsors
199019815678.8%922Commercial sponsors
198919813869.7%922Commercial sponsors
198819815176.3%922Commercial sponsors
198720713565.2%923Commercial sponsors
198621013262.9%1021Commercial sponsors
198518014480.0%1018Commercial sponsors
198417012472.9%1017Commercial sponsors
19831408862.9%1014Commercial sponsors
198216912574.0%1017Commercial sponsors
198115012180.7%1015Commercial sponsors
19801308565.4%1013Commercial sponsors
19791509060.0%1015Commercial sponsors
19781107870.9%1011Commercial sponsors
19771005353.0%1010Commercial sponsors
19761308766.9%1013Commercial sponsors
19751408661.4%1014Commercial sponsors
197413010580.8%1013Commercial sponsors
19731328765.9%1112Commercial sponsors
19721328866.7%1112Commercial sponsors
19711309472.3%1013Commercial sponsors
197015010066.7%1015Commercial sponsors
19691308666.2%1013Commercial sponsors
19671308867.7%1013Commercial sponsors
19661308263.1%1013Commercial sponsors
19651309673.8%1013Commercial sponsors
19641328161.4%1112Commercial sponsors
19631307658.5%1013Commercial sponsors
19621499463.1%1015Commercial sponsors
19611327254.5%11National, Regional
19601288163.3%13National, Regional
19591206554.2%10National, Regional
19581207865.0%10National, Regional
19571205646.7%12National, Regional
19561208873.3%12National, Regional
19551306953.1%13National, Regional
19541106962.7%11National, Regional
19531197663.9%12National, Regional
19521227863.9%12National, Regional
19511236653.7%12National, Regional
19501165144.0%14National, Regional
19491205545.8%13National, Regional
19481204436.7%12National, Regional
1947995353.5%10National, Regional
1939794962.0%10National, Regional
1937984646.9%9National, Individual
1936904347.8%9National, Individual
1935934649.5%5National, Individual
1934603965.0%5National, Individual
1933804050.0%5National, Individual
1932805771.3%5National, Individual
1931813543.2%6National, Individual
19301005959.0%5National, Individual
Number of starters vs finishers at the Tour de France