The Best Gran Fondos in Italy 2023

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Italy has a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, and Gran Fondos in Italy often take in some of the country’s most iconic and breathtaking sights.

Italy is host to some of the best Gran Fondos around the world.

In 2023, there will be at least 80 road and gravel Gran Fondo around Italy. Most of them traverse the same route as the iconic Italian races such as Milan-San Remo, Giro di Lombardia, and the Giro d’Italia.

The six best Italian sportives are;

  • Maratona Dolomites is Italy’s largest Gran Fondo, attracting over 50,000 cyclists worldwide. The route traverse the breathtaking mountainous terrain of the Dolomiti region on closed roads.
  • Gran Fondo Strade Bianche takes place a day after the men’s race. It follows the same race route with 31.4km of white gravel but at a shorter total distance of 139km.
  • Gran Fondo Milan-San Remo takes the same 296km route as the men’s race, starting in Milan and finishing in San Remo. Riders will climb the famous Poggio and Cipressa climb towards the end of the ride.
  • Granfondo Stelvio Santini offers the opportunity to climb the iconic Stelvio and Mortirolo used in the Giro d’Italia on one ride. The longest distance, 151km covers over 4,577m of elevation gain and finishes atop the Passo Dello Stelvio.
  • Granfondo Gavia Mortirolo traverses through two of Italy’s most iconic mountain passes, the Gavia and Mortirolo. The 150km route has 3,697m of elevation gain with a maximum altitude of 2,691m atop the Passo di Gavia.
  • Gran Fondo Nove Colli dates back to 1971 and attracts over 12,000 participants yearly. It starts from the seaside town of Cesenatico and covers over 200km with 3,840m of elevation gain over undulating terrain.

Here’s a list of all the Gran Fondos in Italy for 2023.

DateGran FondoLocationDistancesType
5 Feb 2023Gran Fondo LoanoLoano108kmGran Fondo
19 Feb 2023Gran Fondo DianoDiano Marina100kmGran Fondo
26 Feb 2023Granfondo LaiguegliaLaigueglia113kmGran Fondo
5 Mar 2023Gran Fondo Strade BiancheSiena87, 143kmGran Fondo
12 Mar 2023Gran Fondo del PoFerrara82, 132kmGran Fondo
12 Mar 2023Gran Fondo AlassioAlassio72, 113kmGran Fondo
19 Mar 2023Granfondo Sanremo-SanremoSanremo80, 115kmGran Fondo
26 Mar 2023Gran Fondo Garda BottecchiaGarda90, 110kmGran Fondo
26 Mar 2023Granfondo Città di Fara in SabinaSabina84, 122kmGran Fondo
2 Apr 2023Granofondo of the Forano VelodromeForano100, 120kmGran Fondo
9 Apr 2023Gran Fondo Cerialedi Ceriale85kmGran Fondo
14 Apr 2023Colnago Cycling FestivalDesenzano del Garda110, 138kmGran Fondo
16 Apr 2023Granfondo Via del Sale Fantini ClubCervia105, 152kmGran Fondo
16 Apr 2023Go Solo La Rubè in GravelRimini257kmGravel
22 Apr 2023Veneto GravelNr Venice600kmGravel
22 Apr 2023Gran Fondo Bra BraBra108, 160kmGran Fondo
23 Apr 2023Granfondo WHYsport Città di ValdagnoValdagno100kmGran Fondo
23 Apr 2023Granfondo Segafredo di AsoloAsolo30, 111kmGran Fondo
23 Apr 2023Giro SardegnaAlghero6 stagesGran Fondo
30 Apr 2023Nova Eroica Prosecco HillsSusegana TV50, 93, 120kmGravel
30 Apr 2023Granfondo Giancarlo PeriniCarpaneto Piacentino60, 108, 128kmGran Fondo
30 Apr 2023Granfondo Luca AvesaniVerona88, 116kmGran Fondo
30 Apr 2023Gran Fondo Basso Dieci ColliBologna91, 136kmGran Fondo
6 May 2023Gran Fondo CassinoCassino108kmGran Fondo
7 May 2023Granfondo TorinoTurin100, 150kmGran Fondo
7 May 2023Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi-BianchiBergamo90, 129, 162kmGran Fondo
7 May 2023Gran Fondo VersiliaLido di Camaiore102km, 140kmGran Fondo
7 May 2023Gran Fondo LiottoVicenza95, 120kmGran Fondo
12 May 2023Granfondo SqualiCattolica85, 128kmGran Fondo
13 May 2023In Zir par la RumagnaRimini500kmGravel
14 May 2023BGY Airport GranfondoBergamo89, 129, 162kmGran Fondo
21 May 2023Gran Fondo Nove ColliCesenatico81, 125 milesGran Fondo
26 May 2023Gran Fondo Città Di Porto Sant’ElpidioMarche91kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Eroica MontalcinoMontalcino46, 70, 96, 153kmGravel
28 May 2023Granfondo BlockhausTocco Da Casauria96, 145kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Eroica PrimaveraBuonconvento27, 56, 102, 150kmGravel
28 May 2023Gran Fondo Marcialonga CraftPredazzo80, 135kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Gran Fondo Porto Sant’ElpidioPorto Sant’Elpidio124kmGran Fondo
2 Jun 2023Top Dolomites Gran FondoMadonna di Campiglio89, 130kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Gran Fondo MatildicaReggio Emilia115, 145kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Gran Fondo Milan – San RemoMilan296kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Granfondo Stelvio SantiniBormio37, 86, 94 milesGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Ride RiccioneRiccione35, 105, 140kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Paolo Bettini Green FondoPomarance85, 134kmGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023Randogravel Mare & MontiCaorle75, 150kmGravel
11 Jun 2023MontBlanc GranfondoCourmayeur45, 88, 116kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023Gran Fondo Terun ScaleaScalea120kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023Granfondo Verona Ale La MerckxVerona80, 136kmGran Fondo
17 Jun 2023161 MigliaJesolo120, 161kmGran Fondo
18 Jun 2023Gran Fondo Val di CecinaCecina18, 53, 102kmGran Fondo
18 Jun 2023Sportful Dolomiti Gran FondoFeltre120, 204kmGran Fondo
24 Jun 2023Nova EroicaBuonconvento62, 85, 130kmGravel
24 Jun 2023Chase the Sun ItaliaCesenatico270kmGran Fondo
24 Jun 2023Nova Eroica BuonconventoBuonconvento60, 90, 130 milesGravel
25 Jun 2023La Fausto CoppiCuneo69, 110 milesGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023Granfondo Gavia MortiroloAprica80, 150, 170kmGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023Gran Fondo dei SibilliniCaldarola92, 127kmGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023Gran Fondo Citta di PadovaPadova92, 128kmGran Fondo
2 Jul 2023Gran Fondo dei GladiatoriSanta Maria Capua Vetere80, 116kmGran Fondo
2 Jul 2023Maratona dles DolomitesAlta Badia55, 106, 138kmGran Fondo
7 Jul 2023La Leggendaria Charly GaulTrentino Alto Adige58km, 138kmGran Fondo
15 Jul 2023Tracks6000Val di Sella600kmGravel
15 Jul 2023Tour du Mont BlancCourmayeur330kmGran Fondo
20 Jul 2023Jeroboam DolomitesVarena75, 150, 300kmGravel
25 Jul 2023Carnia Classic ZoncolanTolmezzo93, 127, 148kmGran Fondo
30 Jul 2023Granfondo Dei TemplariSan Quirino105, 146kmGran Fondo
4 Aug 20232022 UCI GF World ChampionshipsTrentino Alto Adige57, 141kmGran Fondo
29 Aug 2023Haute Route DolomitesCortina d’Ampezzo5 days, 450kmGran Fondo
1 Sep 2023Italian Gravel TrophyEmilia Romagna50, 80, 130kmGravel
2 Sep 2023Eroica DolomitiSan Candido35, 65, 125kmGravel
2 Sep 2023La Monsterrato-Strade BiancheQuattordio113, 150kmGravel
3 Sep 2023Granfondo Città di SubiacoSubiaco65, 98kmGran Fondo
17 Sep 2023Granfondo Bike Division Peschiera del GardaPeschiera del Garda90kmGran Fondo
17 Sep 2023Granfondo Città di L’AquilaL’Aquila95kmGran Fondo
23 Sep 2023Fiorino MudFirenze200kmGravel
24 Sep 2023Granfondo tra Valli e DeliziePortomaggiore100, 140kmGran Fondo
24 Sep 2023Granfondo Michele ScarponiFilottrano90, 130kmGran Fondo
24 Sep 2023Nova Eroica Gran SassoProvince of L’Aquila50, 93, 120kmGravel
30 Sep 20232023 UCI Gravel World ChampionshipsVeneto Region70, 115kmGravel
30 Sep 2023L’EroicaGaiole24, 47, 84, 130 milesGravel
30 Sep 2023Granfondo Tre Valli VaresineVarese102km, 135kmGran Fondo
7 Oct 20232022 UCI Gravel World ChampionshipsVeneto Region70, 115kmGravel
8 Oct 2023Gran Fondo Il LombardiaComo110kmGran Fondo
14 Oct 2023Granfondo VenetoCittadella115kmGran Fondo
List of Gran Fondos in Italy for 2023
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