The Best Gran Fondos in France 2023

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France is home to the most famous and biggest cycling race, the Tour de France.

It’s no surprise that some of the best Gran Fondo occur in France. It’s a large country with a diverse landscape, ranging from the French Alps and French Pyrenees to the rolling hills of the countryside and beautiful coast along the Mediterranean sea.

The five best French sportives are;

  • Paris Roubaix Challenge takes place a few hours before the men’s race. Riders would get the chance to ride through the fabled cobbled sectors, the Carrefour de l’Arbre, and the Trouée d’Arenberg. Choose from various distances; from 70, 145, and 170km.
  • Lapierre Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux goes up the iconic Mont Ventoux featured in the Tour de France many times. The Giant of Provence climb is a tough one at 20.8km and averaging 8.9%.
  • Marmotte Granfondo Alpes passes the iconic mountain passes in the French Alps such as Col du Glandon, Col de Telegraphe, Col du Galibier and Alpe d’Huez. The ride starts in Bourg d’Oisans and finishes on top of the Alpe d’Huez. It’s a tough route with over 5,000m elevation gain in 177km.
  • L’Etape Du Tour is organized by the same organizers of the Tour de France. The route for 2023 is the same as the 2023 Tour de France Stage 14, which passes through the Col de la Ramaz and Col de Joux Plane before finishing in Morzine.
  • Haute Route Alps is a 7-day race across France, from Megève to Nice. The route covers the Alpe d’Huez, Col du Glandon, Col du Granon, Col de l’Izoard, Col de Romme, Col du Galivier, and Col d’Agnel. Each stage ranges from 83 to 152km long, and a 15km uphill time trial (Col du Granon) in between. 

Here’s a list of all the Gran Fondos in France for 2023.

DateGran FondoLocationDistancesType
7 Jan 2023Normandicat OffroadCaen150kmGravel
11 Mar 2023The Paris-Nice ChallengeNice110kmGran Fondo
19 Mar 2023La MontagnacoiseMontagnac99, 132kmGran Fondo
24 Mar 2023The Roots BikepackingAngoulême700, 1,500kmGravel
26 Mar 2023GFNY CannesCannes67, 121kmGran Fondo
1 Apr 2023L’Héraultaise CyclosportiveGignac52, 142, 162kmGran Fondo
2 Apr 2023La BisouPeronnas75, 141kmGran Fondo
3 Apr 2023The Gravel CyrpeoGignac68kmGravel
8 Apr 2023Malteni Gravel BootleggersTilloy lez Marchiennes260kmGravel
8 Apr 2023Paris Roubaix ChallengeBusigny70, 145, 170kmGran Fondo
15 Apr 2023Gravel Tour CharenteMouthiers-sur-Boëme224kmGravel
22 Apr 2023La Bourgogne CycloViré en Mâconnais104, 155kmGran Fondo
22 Apr 2023Cyclo Sud BourgogneViré80kmGravel
22 Apr 2023Cyclo South BurgundyVire80kmGravel
27 Apr 202366 Degrés SudPerpignan10, 50, 125kmGran Fondo
29 Apr 2023La Lozérienne CycloLa Canourgue52, 105, 155kmGran Fondo
13 May 2023Tro Bro Leon CycloLannilis30, 60, 122kmGravel
13 May 2023GraveloppetAubenas60kmGravel
14 May 2023Raid Paris-Roubaix VTTRoubaix60, 125kmGran Fondo
14 May 2023Octogonale AveyronLuc La Primaube98, 137kmGran Fondo
14 May 2023Granfondo La VençoiseVence107, 133kmGran Fondo
14 May 2023Gran Fondo VosgesLa Bresse68, 122, 175kmGran Fondo
20 May 2023Les Boucles du Haut BéarnOloron-Sainte-Marie100, 135kmGravel
27 May 2023The Laughing CowLons-le-Saunier59kmGravel
27 May 2023La Vache qui RitLons-le-Saunier35, 84, 116, 165kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023La Mercan’Tour Classic RandoValberg108, 136kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023La MonmondContres95, 106kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023GFNY Villard de LansVillard de Lans47, 97kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Les Marcaires Gran FondoGunsbach120kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023The 3 Balloons SantiniLuxeuil les Bains122, 210kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023Les Trois Ballons SantiniRonchamp122, 210kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023La Claudio ChiappucciArnay-le-Duc36, 78, 100, 156kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023La Marion ClignetMauvezin10, 52, 85, 126kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023La Limousine CycloLimoges68, 126, 160kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023La Faucigny GlièresBonneville89, 118kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Wish One Gravel RaceMillau80, 130kmGravel
4 Jun 2023Cyclosportive La Drapoise René ViettoDrap125kmGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023The Race Across EuropeBoulogne-sur-Mer2,933 miles, 6 countriesUltra
10 Jun 2023BN200Nantes200kmGravel
10 Jun 2023Megève Mont-Blanc CyclosportiveMegève75, 100, 165kmGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023PYRENEES 36 – Your Best 36 Hours!Hautes-Pyrenees220, 400, 600kmUltra
10 Jun 2023Roc LaissagaisLaissagais30, 50kmGravel
10 Jun 2023La Eloi TassinVay80, 95, 130kmGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023La PérigordineMontignac Lascaux40, 70, 90, 165kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023La VolcaneVolvic63, 98kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023Lapierre Gran Fondo Mont VentouxVaison la Romaine80, 137kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023GFNY Lourdes TourmaletLourdes45, 99 milesGran Fondo
15 Jun 2023Raid PyreneesPyrénées-Atlantique705kmTour
16 Jun 2023Gravel of Legend LegendreArromanches-les-Bains187 milesGravel
17 Jun 2023Grand Huit Luxeuil Vosges du SudLuxeuil les Bains30, 73, 103 milesGran Fondo
17 Jun 2023Cyclo La Bernard-HinaultSaint-Brieuc120, 200kmGran Fondo
18 Jun 2023Morzine Haut ChablaisMorzine105, 155kmGran Fondo
18 Jun 2023Nature is Bike – Gravel 100 DT SwissAngers100kmGravel
23 Jun 2023La Trilogy de MaurienneSt Jean de Maurenne72, 98, 100, 128kmGran Fondo
24 Jun 2023L’Ariégeoise CyclosportiveAriégeoise58, 75, 110, 126, 162, 178kmSportive
24 Jun 2023PLB MUCOCallac25, 60, 100, 135kmGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023L’AlsacienneKruth70, 118, 146, 195kmGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023Marmotte Gran Fondo AlpsBourg d Oisans76, 98, 177kmGran Fondo
25 Jun 2023La Vaujany Gran FondoVaujany40, 117, 175kmGran Fondo
30 Jun 2023Anjou Velo VintageSaumur30, 40, 60kmFestival
30 Jun 2023Cyclo Les copains CyfacAmbert67, 90, 115, 133, 156kmGran Fondo
1 Jul 2023Gravel Trophy 2022Valberg300kmGravel
2 Jul 2023L’Etape Du TourAnnemasse152kmGran Fondo
2 Jul 2023La Cyclo JPP Neuf de CoeurCluses70, 100, 130kmGran Fondo
2 Jul 2023GFNY La Vaujany Alpe d’HuezVaujany55, 105kmGran Fondo
3 Jul 2023La Cœur de BretagneMalestroit10, 60, 103kmGran Fondo
4 Jul 2023Haute Route PyreneesBiarritz634kmGran Fondo
9 Jul 2023GFNY Grand BallonAlsace36, 90kmGran Fondo
16 Jul 2023The Alp ChallengeGeneve720kmTour
21 Jul 2023CampilaroHautes-Pyrénées370kmGran Fondo
22 Jul 2023Châtel Chablais Leman RaceChâtel63, 107, 150kmGravel
29 Jul 2023La Pierre-Jacques en BarétousAramits67, 114kmGran Fondo
29 Jul 2023Courir pour la PaixChailly-sur-Armençon40, 80, 110, 135kmGran Fondo
30 Jul 2023Gravel’ArdècheSaint-Agreve40, 80, 160kmGravel
5 Aug 2023Ride Across EuropeNice12 stagesTour
6 Aug 2023Cyclosportive de la MadeleineLa Chambre35, 60, 115, 135kmGran Fondo
13 Aug 2023Etape SanfloraineSt Flour43, 57, 109, 146kmGran Fondo
20 Aug 2023la Mercan’Tour Ultra Bonette DT SWISSValberg212, 190kmGran Fondo
20 Aug 2023Haute Route AlpsGeneva792kmGran Fondo
20 Aug 2023The Figure of Hate SportiveAxat96, 195kmSportive
20 Aug 2023La Louis PasteurDole39, 78, 113, 145kmGran Fondo
20 Aug 2023La Cyclo Thomas VoecklerMorzine39, 58, 87, 92kmGran Fondo
20 Aug 2023Le Gravel des MarlèresEstialescq27,54kmGravel
25 Aug 2023AlpinBike Lac d’AnnecySt Jorioz20, 54, 101, 136kmGran Fondo
26 Aug 2023Alpinbike Lake AnnecySaint Jorioz71kmGravel
26 Aug 2023Shimano 24 Hours CyclingLe Mans24 hoursGran Fondo
27 Aug 2023La Cyclo MorbihanPlouay67, 87, 125, 155kmGran Fondo
27 Aug 2023Grand Prix de Plouay des AmateursPlouay150kmGran Fondo
27 Aug 20235ème Edition de la Rando des BallonsGerardmer52, 90, 163kmGran Fondo
27 Aug 2023GFNY Alpes Vaujany Croix de FerVaujany41, 115kmGran Fondo
27 Aug 2023AlpinBike Lac d’Annecy Gravel TourSaint-Jorioz71kmGravel
30 Aug 2023HotChillee Alpine ChallengeMorzine334kmGran Fondo
2 Sep 2023Gravel Tour du Mont BlancMegève70, 100, 200kmGravel
2 Sep 2023Châtel Chablais Léman RaceChâtel63, 104, 160kmGran Fondo
3 Sep 2023Raid à Domf’Dijon25, 40, 50, 60, 75, 85, 100kmGravel
3 Sep 2023La Jean-François BernardCorbigny77, 95, 136kmGran Fondo
3 Sep 2023La CasartelliCouserans59, 107kmGran Fondo
3 Sep 2023La Cycl RoquefortRoquefort48, 96, 145kmGran Fondo
3 Sep 2023Look Marmotte Gran Fondo PyrénéesArgeles Gazost163kmGran Fondo
7 Sep 2023Les Monts d’LauxoisSemur-en-Auxois85, 130kmGran Fondo
9 Sep 2023Ultra Bike Pursuit: HautacamHautes-Pyrenees1,002, 1,333kmUltra
9 Sep 2023Pyrenees Gravel ExperienceArgelès-Gazost3 daysGravel
9 Sep 2023The Picarde Baie de Somme Gran FondoAbbeville50, 128, 180kmGran Fondo
10 Sep 2023Cyclo La Ventoux SudMallemort Of The Comtat82, 145kmGran Fondo
10 Sep 2023La Raymond MartinOncy-sur-École95, 150kmGran Fondo
15 Sep 2023La DrômoiseDrome80, 115kmGran Fondo
17 Sep 2023Mercan’Tour Madone PeilleMaritime Alpes80, 111kmGran Fondo
17 Sep 2023Ultimate Pyrenees PursuitBagnères-de-Bigorre2,300km, 2,700kmGravel
23 Sep 2023La ResistancePlage de Talloires90, 130kmGravel
23 Sep 2023Les Bosses de ProvenceMarseille93, 130, 164kmGran Fondo
24 Sep 2023La Bocage GâtinaisEgreville96, 147kmGran Fondo
30 Sep 2023Graviers d’OrDijon55, 80, 100, 140kmGravel
1 Oct 2023Viking 76Yerville100, 150kmGran Fondo
6 Oct 2023Haute Route VentouxBedoin3 days, 220kmGran Fondo
8 Oct 2023Gravel RocFréjus65kmGravel
14 Oct 2023Le Raid Des AlpillesSaint Rémy de Provence74, 111kmGravel
15 Oct 2023Le Raid Des AlpillesSaint Rémy de Provence125kmGran Fondo
31 Oct 2023Corn Groove KheerEckwersheim44, 61, 110kmGravel
List of Gran Fondos in France in 2023
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