The Best Gran Fondos in Spain 2023

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Looking to participate in a Gran Fondo in Spain in 2023?

From breathtaking climbs in the Basque Country and Mallorca and the cyclists’ haven in Girona, many Gran Fondos are planned around Spain throughout the calendar year.

One of the things that make Gran Fondos in Spain interesting for cyclists is the variety of routes available. Spain is a large country with a diverse landscape, ranging from the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada to the rolling hills of the countryside. As a result, Gran Fondos in Spain often features a mix of challenging climbs and scenic routes.

Two of the best Spanish sportives are;

  • Quebrantahuesos, or the Bone-Breaker is Spain’s biggest sportive event. It’s limited to 9,000 participants based on a lottery allocation. The 200km, tough yet beautiful route traverses the Spanish and French Pyrenees with over 3,500m of vertical gain.
  • Mallorca 312 takes place on the beautiful volcanic island of Mallorca during the spring. Choose from the 167, 225, or 312km distance. This event sells out quickly, so plan at least one year ahead.

Here’s a list of all the Gran Fondos in Spain for 2023.

DateGran FondoLocationDistancesType
11 Feb 2023Epic Gran Canaria Riu HotelsGran Canaria20, 75, 115kmGran Fondo
25 Feb 2023La Santa VallSant Gregori34, 38, 65 milesGravel
12 Mar 2023Ciclo Experience Garraf-PenedèsCatalonia95, 148kmGran Fondo
19 Mar 2023Bilbao-Bilbao International Gran FondoBilbao85, 115, 125kmGran Fondo
31 Mar 2023Girona MTB ChallengeGirona30, 43, 24 milesMTB
31 Mar 2023GravellanaTarragona39, 55, 57, 62 milesGravel
1 Apr 2023Gran Fondo Cambrils ParkCambrils120kmGran Fondo
1 Apr 2023114 Gravel RaceBadajoz114kmGravel
1 Apr 2023114 Gravel RaceBadajoz113kmGravel
1 Apr 2023Classic Climbs of the Sierra NevadaGranada50, 70 miles per dayTour
2 Apr 2023Desafio 132Murchante132kmGran Fondo
2 Apr 2023Marcha Cicloturista Sierra de la PilaMurcia111kmGran Fondo
23 Apr 2023Gran Fondo Lloret Costa BravaGirona91, 162kmGran Fondo
28 Apr 2023HotChillee Girona RendezvousGirona5 daysGran Fondo
29 Apr 2023The TrakaGirona60, 100, 200, 360kmGravel
29 Apr 2023The TrakaGirona31, 62, 124, 223 milesGravel
29 Apr 2023Mallorca 312Mallorca104, 140, 194 milesGran Fondo
30 Apr 2023Iberica-Traversa NorthboundTarifa1,720kmTour
2 May 2023Andalusia Coast to Coast rideVejer de la Frontera7 daysTour
6 May 2023Vuelta al TeideTenerife95, 175kmGran Fondo
6 May 2023Mediterranean Epic Gran FondoOropesa del Mar112, 208kmGran Fondo
14 May 2023Terra de RemencesGirona100, 175kmGran Fondo
19 May 2023Six-Points Charity Cycling ChallengeMallorca147, 400kmTour
19 May 2023Reverence Hotels 6Points Challenge MallorcaMallorca186, 261kmGran Fondo
21 May 2023Orbea Klasika Bilbao-BizkaiaBlibao128kmGran Fondo
21 May 2023March BedelalsaBéjar116, 141kmGran Fondo
26 May 2023La Conquista BikepackingBurgos580kmGravel
27 May 2023Gran Fondo ValenciaValenica76, 105, 190kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Gran Fondo Onvelo MataróMataro93, 152kmGran Fondo
28 May 2023Mussara ReusReus95, 135, 188kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023Gran Fondo La Falla RibagorçaVilaller85, 133kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023La Marcha Alpujarra La IndomableBerja112, 197kmGran Fondo
3 Jun 2023Orbea Cadi Challenge 2020Guardiola de Berguedà112, 135 milesGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Eroica HispaniaHaro25, 74, 122, 184kmGravel
4 Jun 2023Gran Fondo BIBE TransbizkaiaDurango76, 117 milesGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023Irati XtremNavarre128km, 3600mGran Fondo
10 Jun 2023March 3 NationsPuigcerdà140kmGran Fondo
12 Jun 2023Girona Gran FondoGirona10 to 125kmGran Fondo
24 Jun 2023Le LoopBilbaoUp to 3,344kmUltra
24 Jun 2023TranspyreneesLlança622 milesTour
25 Jun 2023Pontevedra 4 Picos RoadPontevedra95, 125kmGran Fondo
9 Jul 2023Granfondo EzaroCosta da Morte120kmGran Fondo
15 Jul 2023Sierra Nevada LimiteGranada42, 145kmGran Fondo
17 Jul 2023La IndurainVillava100, 180kmGran Fondo
23 Jul 2023Sotosalbos Gran FondoSotosalbos132kmGran Fondo
23 Jul 2023La Alp Cerdanya Cycle TourAlp85, 140, 180kmGran Fondo
17 Aug 2023Desafio Delio FernandezMoaña100kmGran Fondo
19 Aug 2023TransibericaBilbao1800 milesUltra
3 Sep 2023BadlandsGranada725kmGravel
9 Sep 2023Larra LarrauIsaba100, 146kmGran Fondo
16 Sep 2023Gran Fondo Terres de L’ebreTortosa100, 148kmGran Fondo
18 Sep 2023Hutchinson Ranxo GravelPonts60, 90 milesGravel
23 Sep 2023Gran Fondo Alpujarra MagnaLanjarón136kmGran Fondo
23 Sep 2023Gran Fondo Alberto ContadorOliva111, 162kmGran Fondo
23 Sep 2023Quebrantahuesos Gran FondoSabiñanigo85, 200kmGran Fondo
24 Sep 2023Iberica-Traversa southboundIrun1720kmUltra
24 Sep 2023Continental CiclobravaGirona70, 100, 140kmGran Fondo
30 Sep 2023La CantabronaCántabra de Polanco114, 170kmGran Fondo
30 Sep 2023Gran Fondo Costa del SolEstepona94, 131kmGran Fondo
6 Oct 2023Vinya Gravel Els PallaresosCataloniaTBCGravel
7 Oct 2023Sa Costa BravaCatalonia30, 60 milesGravel
8 Oct 2023SA Costa Brava SunsetCatalunya50, 85kmGravel
14 Oct 2023International Gran Fondo Costa AlmeriaMojacar125, 185kmGran Fondo
21 Oct 2023L’Etape GranadaGranada120, 170KmGran Fondo
22 Oct 2023SA Costa BravaCatalunya50, 109kmGravel
30 Oct 2023L’Etape MadridMadrid120, 170KmGran Fondo
31 Oct 2023Mallorca Fall Cycling ClassicMallorca8 daysTour
18 Nov 2023Gran Fondo TenerifeTenerife94, 107kmGran Fondo
List of Gran Fondos in Spain for 2023
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