Which Power Meter Fits An Easton Crankset?

By : Mr Mamil
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Easton EC90 Crankarm
Easton EC90 Crankset

Looking to upgrade your Easton crankarms with a power meter but need help determining the suitable one?

Easton manufactures two crankarm models, EC90 SL (carbon) and EA90 (aluminum). There are two power meter options for these crankarms;

  • Spider-based
  • Pedal-based

In this article, we’ll explore the three options in detail.

Spider-based power meters

Power2max NG Road for Easton
Quarq DZero for Specialized crankarm

Three spider-based power meters fit an Easton EC90 or EA90 crankarm;

  • Power2max NG Road, top-of-the-line model, ±1% accuracy with temperature compensation and automatic zero offset.
  • Power2max NGeco Road is a mid-range and more affordable model with ±2% accuracy and uses a coin CR2450 battery.
  • Sigeyi AXO is the best budget option with features found in mid to high-end models.

Both Power2max models are available in 110 or 130 BCD for a 5-bolt chainring or 110-4S for a 4-bolt Shimano chainring. The Sigeyi AXO is only available in 110 BCD. The Sigeyi option would limit chainring sizes to 52/36T or lower.

ComparisonPower2max NG RoadPower2max NGeco RoadSigeyi AXO
BCD110, 130, 110-4S*110, 130, 110-4S*110
Battery typeRechargeableCR2450Rechargeable
Battery lifeup to 150hup to 300h120 hours
Warranty2 years*2 years2 years
Spider-based power meters for Easton EC90/EA90 crankset

Notes :

  • * 110-4S is for 4-bolt Shimano chainring.
  • ** Can be extended from 2 to 5 years for €150 (approx $155 / £131 / A$233).
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Pedal-based power meters

For pedal-based power meters, you can choose between;

  • Garmin Rally RS (Shimano) or RK (Look)
  • SRM Exakt
  • Favero Assioma

Pedal-based power meters are the easiest to install by just swapping out the existing pedals.

ComparisonGarmin RallySRM ExaktFavero Assioma DuoFavero Assioma Duo-Shi
Weight (pair)320g to 326g310g303gvaries**
Battery Life120 hours30 hours50 hours50 hours
Cleat typeShimano SPD-SLLook KeoLook KeoShimano SPD-SL
Pedal stack13.5mm10.5mm10.5mmvaries***
Warranty1 year2 years2 years2 years
Price$1100 (dual)
$650 (left)
$1300 (dual)
$750 (left)
$759 (dual)
$495 (left)
$659 (dual)
Pedal-based power meters comparison for Easton crankset

Notes :

  • * Weight – Garmin Rally RS200 (320g), Rally RK200 (326g), Rally RS100 (160g), Rally RK100 (163g)
  • ** Weight depends on the Shimano pedal body used. The spindles weigh 198g/pair and 314g/pair when used with a Shimano R8000 pedal body.
  • *** Pedal stack depends on the Shimano pedal body used.
  • **** Q-factor – 65mm (Shimano R8000/R6800), 64mm (R550/R540)

Garmin Rally

Garmin Rally RS200 Power Meter
Garmin Rally RS200 Power Meter

The Garmin Rally is the latest power meter by Garmin, with four models.

  • RS200, dual-sided, Shimano SPD-SL cleats
  • RS100, left-sided, Shimano SPD-SL cleats
  • RK200, dual-sided, Look Keo cleats
  • RK100, left-sided, Look Keo cleats
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SRM Exakt

SRM Exakt Power Meter
SRM Exakt Power Meter

The SRM Exakt is an SRM power meter built into a Look Keo pedal. It’s available in single-sided (left) or dual-sided options.

Favero Assioma

Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter
Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter

The Favero Assioma is available in three variants;

  • Assioma Duo, dual-sided, Look Keo cleats
  • Assioma Uno, left-sided, Look Keo cleats
  • Assioma Duo-Shi, dual-sided, Shimano SPD-SL cleats

The Favero Asisoma Duo-Shi is sold with pedal spindles only and without a pedal body. You’ll need to use an existing Shimano pedal and install it on the Favero Assioma Duo-Shi.

Compatible pedal bodies are the Shimano PD-R8000, PD-R7000, PD-6800, PD-R550, and PD-R540.