The Best Cycling Clothing and Apparel Brands in 2023

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Many cycling clothing companies have taken on the challenge of being that standout brand, making for a crowded market filled with countless options. Some of them are sponsors of professional teams, and you can see them during the Tour de France.

Designing road cycling clothing is an art and a science. You need to produce the most breathable, highest-quality jerseys to perform well in all sorts of riding conditions, all while making them look attractive to the cyclist.

Because there are so many brands on the market today, we wanted to break down some of our favorite road cycling clothing brands, giving a little history and some product highlights.


Castelli Logo
  • Founded : 1876
  • Origin : Italy
  • Website : Castelli

In road cycling clothing, there’s no brand more prominent than Castelli. Castelli invented the skinsuit and the sublimated jersey, and they’ve been dressing professional cyclists for over a century. While Castelli is famous worldwide, it’s specially recognized in Europe and Italy, where Castelli sponsors the Italian national cycling team.

Castelli is perhaps best known for its popular Gabba jacket, which has been a staple of Castelli’s brand for the past decade. The Castelli Gabba is a must-have piece of apparel for professional road cyclists. The Castelli Free Aero bib shorts are popular and are now in their fourth iteration. It uses Castelli’s Progetto X² Air Seamless chamois, making the long rides extra comfortable.

Castelli apparel is priced at a premium and tends to run on the smaller side.

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Rapha Logo
  • Founded : 2004
  • Origin : England
  • Website : Rapha

You can’t miss a Rapha jersey in a bunch ride thanks to its iconic stripe on the right sleeve.

The British company gained a following in 2013 when it sponsored Team Sky, which won several Tour de France general classifications in the subsequent years. The relationship ended at the end of the 2016 season.

In terms of its clothing, Rapha makes high-end cycling gear. For instance, the Rapha Classic Winter Gore-Tex Jacket retails for $370, while its Classic Bib Shorts start at $235.

You can join the Rapha Cycling Club if you love the Rapha brand. The club membership gives you access to members-only apparel and an opportunity to connect with other cyclists worldwide.

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Assos Logo
  • Founded : 1976
  • Origin : Switzerland
  • Website : Assos

The 44-year-old Swiss brand Assos was the first to develop, market, and sell Lycra shorts in the mid-1970s, setting the path for the countless moisture-wicking fabrics we see in the cycling world today.

Known for its high-quality products that amateurs and Olympians have worn, Assos continues to innovate. The latest series is about seamless base layers that use carbon fibers to efficiently draw moisture from your skin and use wool to trap heat during the winter.

In other words, it can regulate your body temperature any day of the year, making it a must-have base layer.


Sportful Logo
  • Founded : 1973
  • Origin : Italy
  • Website : Sportful

Sportful operates under Castelli’s parent company and carries a similar quality level to that leading brand.

Sportful’s lineup includes some warmer jackets, but the brand is best known for its cycling clothing for hot conditions. A favorite among cyclists is the Sportful Bodyfit Pro sleeveless base layer. Sportful’s Diablo mesh fabric does an incredible job of regulating body temperature and giving you some UV protection.

Sportful products run on the more expensive side of the spectrum in terms of price, similar to Castelli apparel.


Ale Logo
  • Founded : 2013
  • Origin : Italy
  • Website : Alé

Cycling Weekly described Alé as the biggest cycling clothing company you’ve never heard of. And there might be some truth to that. Alé manufactures more than 75,000 pieces of road cycling clothing each month.

Alé is known for its creative designs and colorful jerseys. Like many leading cycling clothing brands, Alé has made Tour de France yellow jerseys and kits for the Discovery and Motorola teams.

The average cyclist will be happy to know that Alé jerseys, including the warmer ones for cold-weather riding, are much more affordable than some of the premium brands on this list. Alé’s Solid Blend Winter Men Long Sleeve Jersey, for example, costs $125.


DHB Logo
  • Founded : 2004
  • Origin : United Kingdom
  • Website : dhb

dhb is the house brand of, a popular cycling shop visited by millions of people. dhb is a favorite road cycling apparel brand among cyclists for a few reasons.

The quality is a hint about good enough, and many of its more popular items cost a fraction of what the leading brands would sell them for. The dhb Flashlight Waterproof Jacket, for instance, starts around $50.

dhb makes no-frill clothing. It looks nice enough and can perform in challenging situations, like rain or cold weather. If you’re a cyclist on a budget, it’s worth looking at dhb products.


Endura Logo
  • Founded : 1993
  • Origin : Scotland
  • Website : Endura

As a Scottish brand, Endura knew it needed to produce road cycling apparel for all weather conditions, making it an extremely versatile. Endura left the World Tour in 2019 after UCI, the governing body of professional cycling, banned the company’s Silicone Surface Technology, calling it too fast.

Endura started making technical apparel for mountain bikers and eventually expanded its lineup for road cyclists. It became a race team sponsor in 2010 and sponsors a handful of professional teams and individual riders today.

Endura products fall in the middle of the spectrum regarding price. The Endura Pro SL lineup is probably the most popular offering due to its comfort, performance, and budget price.

Gore Bike Wear

Gore Bike Wear Logo
  • Founded : 1996
  • Origin : Delaware, United States
  • Website : Gore Bike Wear

As an extension of the Gore Brand, you expect two main things from Gore Bike Wear. One, It’s going to keep you dry. And two, it will make a windy day feel like the lightest breeze.

Gore Bike Wear is another high-end, high-performing brand with a nice advantage over its competition. It has access to its parent company’s ever-evolving Gore-Tex technology, allowing the brand to plan and release new products with the latest technology quicker than most.

Gore Bike Wear’s most exciting product is its lineup of ultra-lightweight jackets that use Gore’s Shakedry Technology. The newest material allows them to make clothing super lightweight, all while blocking wind and beading off any precipitation. The technology isn’t cheap, which is why it’s geared toward more serious cyclists.


Nalini Logo
  • Founded : 1970
  • Origin : Italy
  • Website : Nalini

Nalini is another high-end European cycling brand that’s considered the largest cycling apparel manufacturer in Italy, beating Castelli and other prominent Italian brands. Nalini has a rich history of dressing professional riders. Cyclists wearing the Nalini brand have won 11 Tours de France and other major world titles.

Nalini breaks down its cycling apparel lineup using color labels like Black Label, Blue Label, and Red Label. The Nalini Black Label Collection is the most expensive and technical lineup, geared toward the most serious cyclists. All materials used in Black Label clothing are geared toward speed and performance.

The Red Label Collection is more affordable and geared toward amateur and entry-level cyclists.


Santini Logo
  • Founded : 1965
  • Origin : Italy
  • Website : Santini

The folks at Santini want every piece of cycling apparel you buy from them to feel like a second skin. And the Italian brand has delivered on that goal time and time again with its range of mid-priced products.

The core of Santini products is its Legend fabric, which is super durable. Santini bib shorts are about as good as it gets in terms of products. Several trade publications have called the shorts the most comfortable bib shorts that money can buy.

In addition to UV protection and excellent muscle compression, they are designed for long-distance comfort. You could quickly go out for an eight to 10-hour ride and feel comfortable in the saddle.


Velocio Logo
  • Founded : 2014
  • Origin : New Hampshire, United States
  • Website : Velocio

As a relatively new cycling apparel brand, Velocio is an American company that manufactures its pieces in Italy, which needed to stand out. So, Velocio focused on aesthetics and user experience and has created products that have made a splash in the cycling market.

Velocio’s bibs tend to be slim cut, and the fabrics used in jerseys and bibs feature excellent muscle compression. In other words, you get the feel of wearing a second skin, but it’s not so tight that you exhale when you take off the apparel.

In terms of price, Velocio finds itself on the higher end of the spectrum. Its signature soft-shell jacket will run you $300 but can keep you warm in temperatures below the freezing point.


Pedla Logo
  • Founded : 2014
  • Origin : Australia
  • Website : Pedla

Pedla is a niche Australian brand that offers cycling gear with a beautiful, modern design, highlighted by its seven-dot logo. If you’re curious about why these designs look so good, Pedla’s co-founder Marcin Wojcik is an artist who has had work featured in numerous Australian galleries over the years. That artistic flair was brought over to the cycling brand.

The brand’s most popular jersey is the LunaLUXE. It’s marketed as the go-to jersey for all seasons. Pedla recommends pairing it with one of its gilets for late fall and early spring rides, which cost more than the jersey or a jacket.

Pedla gets all its materials from suppliers in Italy and Switzerland, ensuring its products are made with high-quality fabrics.


  • Founded : 2014
  • Origin : Australia
  • Website : MAAP

The year 2014 was a big year for startup cycling brands. Like many others, the Australian company MAAP was launched by a group of cyclists and designers who wanted to create technical apparel that looked very fashionable.

MAAP’s design and color choice are like no other brand today. You can tell MAAP takes chances and delivers on its goal of making cycling gear that performs well, but that can also make a fashion statement.

MAAP’s flagship product, the MAAP Encore Pro Base Jersey, features incredibly soft fabric across the chest and back. In addition to being lightweight, it does a great job of wicking away moisture.

Pedal Mafia

Pedal Mafia Logo
  • Founded : 2014
  • Origin : Australia
  • Website : Pedal Mafia

Like many Australian cycling apparel startups, Pedal Mafia brings a bold design to the table that targets high-end amateur cyclists who want their jerseys and jackets to perform well and look great.

Pedal Mafia does a lot of things well. Its fabrics are very high quality, and its design team knows how to make a cyclist stand out in a crowd in a good way. They produce jerseys with an incredible amount of stretch and comfort.

Unlike other brands, you may want to size down with Pedal Mafia as their gear tends to run on the larger side.

Cafe du Cycliste

Cafe du Cycliste Logo

Cafe du Cycliste was born on France’s Mediterranean coast to deliver fashionable cycling gear that performs in all conditions.

Cafe du Cycliste uses high-end lycra from Miti in Italy in bibs, creating a tight fit with balanced compression. The front is relatively open, which makes going to the bathroom for males easier.

The Cafe du Cycliste Violette Jersey is made of sports wool, which makes it perfect for cooler rides. It does run big, so you may want to size down if you desire a tighter fit.

Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal Studios Logo

Relatively new to the scene, Danish brand Pas Normal Studios is yet another brand to create highly technical apparel that looks stunning. While Pas Normal Studios honors cycling traditions, it pushes the envelope regarding its choice of colors and designs.

That creativity doesn’t come cheap, either. The Pas Normal Studios T.K. Long Sleeve Jersey is a bold expression of art that looks like a second skin painting and retails for more than $300.

The women’s lineup of jerseys is even more colorful.

So, if you’re into bright fashion, Pas Normal Studios gets the job done on that front and the technical side of things.

Black Sheep Cycling

Black Sheep Cycling Logo

Flamboyant flamingos. Floral prints. These aren’t typical designs you see on high-performing cycling apparel. But then again, Black Sheep Cycling isn’t an ordinary brand.

The niche Australian brand that’s part of the 2014 boom of startup companies down under has made a dedication to being different in its designs. Yes, its jerseys, bibs, and jackets fit great, feel comfortable and manage your body moisture, but this brand is all about the looks.

All of Black Sheep Cycling’s apparel is also incredibly soft, which is welcomed.


  • Founded : 2013
  • Origin : Slovakia
  • Website : Isadore

Founded by two former World Tour riders, Isadore is a Slovakian brand that used Peter and Martin Velits cycling celebrities to design and sell performance clothing that other cyclists craved.

You’ll find that Isadore products use plenty of high-end material, like Merino wool and lightweight lycra. The colors tend to be muted and more refined.

All the classic pieces, from jerseys and bibs to cold-weather gear like jackets, and prices are relatively affordable for cycling gear.

My favorite Isadore piece is the Alternative Essential Jacket, which features a beautiful shimmer and plenty of reflection. The jacket is wind and light-rain resistant and highly breathable. The price isn’t too bad, either.

Le Col

Le Col Logo
  • Founded : 2008
  • Origin : United Kingdom
  • Website : Le Col

Founded by British cyclist Yanto Barker, Le Col has consistently pushed for apparel that allows all cyclists to perform at a high level. Barker’s insight into the racing world is evident across its lineup of kits.

The Le Col by Wiggins Hors Jersey uses Meryl fabric, which is very soft and luxurious and does a great job with moisture management. The jersey runs small for muscle compression and aerodynamics.

Le Col also recognizes that some cyclists enjoy club rides at a pub at the end of the day. They make a more relaxed-fitting jersey that won’t feel too restrictive while enjoying a beer or two. Every Le Col product is tested to the extreme by professional cyclists inside the company’s lab.


Morvelo Logo
  • Founded : 2008
  • Origin : United Kingdom
  • Website : Morvelo

Morvelo is a serious brand for cyclists, but the company prides itself on not being too serious. Instead, the brand is focused on fashionable pieces that perform well to help you ride faster.

Morvelo’s flagship product is its Thermoactive Jersey, which uses recycled fleece-backed fabric. It offers adequate insulation without the extra bulk. It’s also great for wicking away moisture and has antibacterial properties.

Because Morvelo is focused on the everyday cyclist, as opposed to the more serious rider, their prices are competitive, with short-sleeve options priced under $100.

Morvelo products tend to be slim fit, so if you’re larger than the average person, consider sizing up.


Attaquer Logo
  • Founded : 2013
  • Origin : Australia
  • Website : Attaquer

You love the meaning behind Australian cycling apparel maker Attaquer. It’s French for to attack, which seems pretty appropriate for cyclists about to hit a steep hill.

Attaquer focuses on simple colors and high-quality materials and technologies. Attaquer’s Race ULTRA+ Aero Jersey uses the Italian-made Kinetech Drag Zero 3D to assist with aerodynamics and reduce drag. The trick with the jersey was to put the textured surface in the areas of highest resistance, like the arms and shoulders.

Attaquer clothing is breathable and comfortable, but they are on the higher end of the price spectrum. Bibs start at around $220, while jerseys begin at around $150.

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