The Best Gran Fondos in Switzerland 2023

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Switzerland is known for its breathtaking mountain ranges, including the Swiss Alps, which offer some of the world’s most challenging and scenic cycling routes. 

The Swiss Gran Fondos take in these iconic mountain ranges, offering participants a unique and memorable experience.

The five best Swiss Gran Fondos are;

  • Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide is a cross-border, Switzerland-Italy event with breathtaking mountain sceneries across the Alps. The 119km (2,718m) and 194km (4,235m) routes are extremely challenging. The route goes over the Albula Pass (2,315 m), Julier Pass (2,284 m), and Maloja pass (1,815 m) to Italy before going back to Switzerland via the Splügen pass (2,114m)
  • Marmotte Granfondo Valais is the latest among the three Marmotte Gran Fondos. The other being Marmotte Granfondo Alpes and Marmotte Granfondo Pyrénées in France.  The route covers 133km (4,700m) across the Col du Lein (1,685m), Mayens de Vernamiège (1,560m), Thyon 2000 (2,090m), Nendaz (1,520m) and Col de la Croix de Coeur (2,175m). 
  • Tour des Stations has seven routes to choose from. From 74km (2,900m) to 1,000km (26,000m), with plenty of climbing around the Valais and the Swiss Alps region while passing through many popular Swiss ski resorts.
  • Säntis Classic is a moderately hard event with 1,800m of climbing over 130km. The route comprises many short climbs, with a steep climb up the Schwägalp (1,350 m) around the mid-way point.
  • Cyclotour du Léman follows a route around the beautiful Lake Léman in Lausanne. It’s a well-organized event that offers a challenging and enjoyable experience for cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Choose from 64, 112, or 176km, depending on your fitness levels.

The table below lists all the Gran Fondos in Switzerland.

DateGran FondoLocationDistancesType
13 May 2023Berner RundfahrtBern34, 68, 102kmGran Fondo
21 May 2023L’Etape SwitzerlandBern63, 137kmGran Fondo
4 Jun 2023Cyclotour du LémanLéman55, 64, 112, 176kmGran Fondo
9 Jun 2023Haute Route Crans-MontanaCrans-Montana200kmGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023Tour de Suisse ChallengeFrauenfeld8 daysGran Fondo
11 Jun 2023Alpen Challenge LenzerheideLenzerheide119, 194kmGran Fondo
17 Jun 2023Nova Eroica SwitzerlandSion24, 39, 77, 113kmGravel
17 Jun 2023Gran Fondo SuisseVillars-sur-Ollon108kmGran Fondo
18 Jun 2023Säntis ClassicWeinfelden40, 130, 200kmGran Fondo
23 Jun 2023Dead Ends & CakeSt. Gallen500kmGravel
24 Jun 2023Swiss Bike-AdventureAndermatt1300kmGravel
30 Jun 2023Engadin Bike GiroCelerina3 daysMTB
30 Jun 2023Chasing Cancellara Berne AndermattBerne200kmGran Fondo
30 Jun 2023Engadin RadmarathonZernes119kmGran Fondo
23 Jul 2023Granfondo GottardoAmbri57km, 110kmGran Fondo
30 Jul 2023Chasing Cancellara Dillier ClassicLeuggern43, 87kmGran Fondo
1 Aug 2023Tour des StationsLe Châble74, 133, 185, 242, 555, 1,000kmGran Fondo
5 Aug 2023Marmotte Granfondo ValaisVerbier145kmGran Fondo
17 Aug 2023TORTOUR UltracyclingSwitzerland370, 550, 1,000kmGran Fondo
31 Aug 2023King of GravelGsteig71kmGran Fondo
31 Aug 2023THE EMPEROR Stage TourGstaad Switzerland260, 330kmGran Fondo
1 Sep 2023LA REINE Strictly Female FondoGstaad Switzerland45, 89, 135kmGran Fondo
2 Sep 2023Swiss Cycling AlpenbrevetAndermatt64, 108, 212, 268kmGran Fondo
3 Sep 2023NEO Bergkönig Ultra FondoGstaad65, 115, 170kmGran Fondo
6 Sep 2023Suisse Gravel ExplorerDisentis179kmGravel
9 Sep 2023Bodensee RadmarathonAltenrhein80, 150, 220kmGran Fondo
10 Sep 2023Cyclosportive Claude JolidonSaignelégier69, 107kmGran Fondo
16 Sep 2023Chasing Cancellara Zurich ZermattZurich280kmGran Fondo
22 Sep 2023Haute Route DavosDavos265kmGran Fondo
21 Oct 2023Allianz GravelBern20, 50kmGravel
27 Oct 2023TorTour GravelSwitzerland370, 550, 1,000kmGran Fondo
List of Gran Fondos in Switzerland in 2023
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