How to Delete Routes fom Wahoo Elemnt

By : Mr Mamil
Updated :

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Routes on Wahoo Elemnt can either be automatically synced from third-party services (RideWithGPS, Strava, or Komoot) or manually uploaded from the Wahoo ELEMNT app.

This article will cover how to delete routes that are automatically synced and manually uploaded.

Method 1 – Delete synced route

Synced routes from third-party services such as RideWithGPS, Strava, or Komoot cannot be deleted directly from the Wahoo ELEMNT app or Wahoo Elemnt/Road/Bolt head unit.

  • Log into the third-party services and delete the routes from within the dashboard.
  • On the Wahoo Elemnt/Roam/Bolt head unit, press the Page button until the map page appears. If the map page doesn’t appear, activate it from the Wahoo ELEMNT app.
  • Press the Route button.
  • Press the up/down button until you see the Sync option.
  • Press the Sync button. The routes will disappear once the sync completes. If the routes don’t disappear, try to Sync again.

Method 2 – Delete synced route

If you manually uploaded the route using the Wahoo ELEMNT app previously, you can delete them using a similar method.

  • Launch the Wahoo ELEMNT app
  • Tap Workout tab.
  • Tap View routes. You’ll be presented with a list of routes.
  • Swipe left on the route map you wan to delete. You can only delete routes marked with Wahoo and not third-party services routes marked with RideWithGPS, Strava, or Komoot.