The Best Bicycle Helmet Brands in 2023

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When it comes to cycling, safety should always be a top priority, and a high-quality bicycle helmet is a crucial piece of protective gear. With a myriad of helmet brands available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right helmet that fits your needs.

In this article, I have compiled a list of leading bicycle helmet brands to guide your search. From well-established names like Giro and Bell to innovative brands like Abus and POC, this list will introduce you to a diverse range of helmet manufacturers known for their commitment to safety, comfort, and style.

Helmet brandYear foundedOrigin countryPopular modelsBrand description

1924GermanyAbus Airbreaker, Abus GamechangerA German brand offering fashionable bike helmets across all cycling disciplines with increased visibility in road cycling due to their partnership with Movistar Team.
Bell Logo
1954United StatesBell XR MIPS, Bell Stratus MIPSA long-time helmet brand known for high-quality motorcycle helmets, expanding into bicycle helmets in recent years.
Bern Logo
2005United StatesBern Hudson, Bern Brentwood 2.0A privately held company producing stylish helmets for various sports, including cycling, skateboarding, snow, and watersports.
Bontrager Logo
1965United StatesBontrager XXX WavecelThe sister brand to Trek, focusing on accessories and apparel. Exclusive use of WaveCel technology for enhanced head protection.
Ekoi Racing Logo
Ekoi Racing
2001FranceEkoi AR14A French brand popular among pro riders in road racing and triathlons, known for offering helmets at competitive prices.
Giro Logo
1985United StatesGiro Aether SphericalThe leading helmet brand with a wide range of cycling gear, including MIPS-equipped helmets and other cycling accessories.
HJC Logo
HJC Sports
1971South KoreaHJC Ibex 2.0An established brand in the Moto GP helmet industry, expanding into road racing and triathlon helmets for cycling.
Kask Logo
2004ItalyKask Protone IconAn Italian brand known for stylish helmets and partnerships with successful professional cycling teams.
Lazer Logo
1919BelgiumLazer Z1 MIPS, Lazer G1 MIPSA long-standing helmet specialist with a presence in various cycling disciplines, favored by professional cyclists.
Limar Logo
1986ItalyLimar Air RevolutionAn Italian brand focusing on aerodynamic and innovative helmet designs, offering options for road, gravel, mountain, and dirt biking.
Met Logo
1987ItalyMET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPSA brand with a wide range of helmets for different cycling disciplines, including road, off-road, downhill, and urban.
Nutcase Logo
2000United StatesNutcase Little NuttyA helmet brand with a family-oriented focus, offering a variety of helmet designs for parents, kids, toddlers, and babies, originating from the United States. Nutcase emphasizes designs that cater to the needs of different family members.
Oakley Logo
1975United StatesOakley Aro 3 MIPSKnown for performance cycling sunglasses, Oakley expanded into road cycling helmets with the Aro range.
POC Logo
2004SwedenPOC Ventral Air SPINA Swedish-based brand known for designing stylish helmets and sunglasses, featuring innovative technologies like SPIN for rotational force protection.
Rudy Project Logo
Rudy Project
1985ItalyRudy Project SpectrumWidely recognized for its extensive range of performance eyewear, Rudy Project also offers a strong lineup of bike helmets.
Scott Logo
1958United StatesScott CadenceRenowned for its road and mountain bikes, Scott also provides a selection of helmets alongside their apparel and accessories.
Smith Optics Logo
Smith Optics
1965United StatesSmith Trace MIPSAn American outdoor brand specializing in eyewear, Smith Optics expanded into helmets, offering options for various cycling disciplines.
Specialized Logo
1974United StatesS-Works Prevail 2A leading brand in the cycling industry, offering a comprehensive range of products, including helmets equipped with the ANGi crash sensor for enhanced safety.
Comparison between all leading bicycle helmet brands


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