SRAM Red vs Force vs Rival AXS Chains (Weight, Material, and Price)

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SRAM Red vs Force vs Rival AXS Chains
SRAM Red vs Force vs Rival AXS chains

The article compares the differences between 12-speed SRAM Red, Force vs Rival AXS chains in terms of weight, material, and price.

The SRAM AXS chains feature a flattop technology that allows for a narrower, quieter, and stronger chain. Aside from the price and weight difference, the major differences lie in the following;

  • Chrome inner plates. SRAM Red and Force AXS chains have chrome inner plates that increase durability.
  • Hollow pins. SRAM Red AXS chains are the lightest due to the hollow pin design.

The table below shows the differences between all three SRAM AXS chains based on the research and information from SRAM’s product documentation.

ComparisonSRAM Red AXSSRAM Force AXSSRAM Rival AXS
Price (USD)*$75
Price (EUR)*€80
(R2 Bike)
(R2 Bike)
(R2 Bike)
Price (AUD)*$A129
Links114, 120114, 120120
Outer link finishNickelNickelNickel
Inner link finishChromeChromeNickel
Outer link colorSilverSilverSilver
Inner link colorSilverSilverSilver
Pin designHollowSolidSolid
Differences between SRAM Red, Force, and Rival AXS chains

Notes :

  • * Recommended retail pricing. Depending on the retailer, the chains can bought at lower prices. The price is for a chain with a PowerLock chain connector.