The Best Gran Fondos in Sweden 2023

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Sweden is gaining popularity among cyclists. Sweden offers a perfect destination for cycling from its picturesque countryside to its challenging routes and organized events. 

Sweden has something to offer if you’re a recreational rider looking for a scenic ride or a competitive cyclist looking to test your limits. Sweden’s well-maintained roads, picturesque landscapes, and supportive cycling culture make it an ideal cycling destination and Gran Fondos.

This article lists all the Gran Fondos in Sweden for the year.

DateGran FondoLocationDistances
25 Mar 2023L’Enfer du NordNorrköping72, 96km
22 Apr 2023Colmarp CenturyÅby40, 80, 160km
26 May 2023GöteborgsgirotGothenburg20, 50, 70, 140, 210km
16 Jun 2023VatternrundanMotala100, 150, 300km
1 Jul 2023Nordic Gravel Series – UppsalaUppsala20, 180, 160km
9 Jul 2023Simlångsdalen Epic 2022Simlångsdalen64, 129km
22 Jul 2023Glan Runt på GrusNorrköping70, 85km
5 Aug 2023Storuman GravelLapland30, 50, 70, 116km
11 Aug 2023Nordic Gravel Series – BergslagenBergslagen50, 100, 150km
18 Aug 2023Gravel Grit n GrindHalmstad92, 124km
26 Aug 2023Gravel Chuggin’Norrköping100km
27 Aug 2023GFNY UppsalaUppsala105, 168km
10 Sep 2023Båstad 208Båstad142, 208km
14 Oct 2023Tour de VilleNorrköping70km
List of Gran Fondos in Sweden
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