4iiii Precision 3 vs Stages Power Left Comparison

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4iiii and Stages are the two most popular left-sided power meter brands today.

4iiii has two models available; the 4iiii Precision and 4iiii Precision 3, while Stages have one model; the Stages Power Left (Gen 3).

Both 4iiii and Stages power meters look very similar from the outside, but that’s where the similarities end. 

In this article, we’ll compare the 4iiii Precision, 4iiii Precision 3, and Stages Power Left.

Key takeaways

  • Crankset compatibility. Stages have wider compatibility across Shimano, Cannondale, and Campagnolo crankarms, while 4iiii is only limited to Shimano.
  • Frame compatibility. 4iiii Precision 3 is the slimmest at 5.5mm, making it compatible with more framesets.
  • Battery life. 4iiii Precision 3 has the longest battery life at 800 hours.
  • Warranty. 4iiii has the better warranty at 3 years.
  • Price. Both 4iiii Precision 3 and Stages Power Left are similarly priced, with the older 4iiii Precision priced around $40 lower.

Ease of installation

Both 4iiii and Stages are installed the same way. Remove the current left-sided crank arm, and replace it with the power meter version.

The power meter unit height;

  • 4iiii Precision 3 : 5.5mm
  • 4iiii Precision : 8mm
  • Stages Power Left : 7.5mm

The power meter units are small and will clear most frames. However, always check if there is enough clearance between the left crank arm and chainstay. 4iiii has a printable Clearance Check document for potential buyers.

Crankset compatibility

This is the area where Stages have a major advantage over the 4iiii.

  • Stages have wider compatibility with Shimano (105, Ultegra, Dura Ace, GRX), Cannondale and Campagnolo Super Record (11s and 12s), and Record (11s) cranksets.
  • 4iiii is only compatible with Shimano (105, Ultegra, Dura Ace, GRX) cranksets.
Crankset4iiii Precision 34iiii PrecisionStages Power Left
Shimano 105 R7000YesYesYes
Shimano Ultegra R8000YesYesYes
Shimano Ultegra R8100Yes
Shimano Dura Ace R9000Yes
Shimano Dura Ace R9100YesYesYes
Shimano Dura Ace R9200Yes
Shimano GRX810YesYesYes
Shimano XT M8000Yes
Shimano XT M8100YesYesYes
Shimano XTR M9000Yes
Shimano XTR M9100YesYesYes
Campagnolo Super Record 12sYes
Campagnolo Record 12sYes
Campagnolo Super Record 11sYes
Cannondale SIYes
4iiii vs Stages crankset compatibility

Data accuracy

Both 4iiii and Stages have some of the best accuracies in power meters. The 4iiii Precision and Precision 3 are accurate up to +/-1% and Stages at +/-1.5%.

For comparison, the Power2max NG (±1%) and NGEco (±2%), Sigeyi (±1.5%), SRAM AXS (±1.5%) and SRM (±2%).

The 4iiii has a maximum power detection of 4000W, and Stages at 5000W. Many cyclists rarely go above 2000W, so this is not an important consideration.

4iiii Precision 34iiii PrecisionStages Power Left
Max. power4,000W4,000W5,000W
4iiii vs Stages data accuracy


Both 4iiii and Stages use the coin CR2032 battery. It’s cheap and easily replaceable without any tools. Just turn the battery cap anticlockwise to remove it.

4iiii Precision 3 has the longest battery life at 800 hours. The older 4iiii Precision has the shortest battery life at 100 hours, followed by Stages Power Left (150 hours).

4iiii Precision 34iiii PrecisionStages Power Left
Battery typeCR2032CR2032CR2032
Battery life800 hours100 hours150 – 200 hours
4iiii vs Stages data accuracy

Wireless communication 

ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are used to communicate with bike computers.

The Stages and 4iiii Precision 3 have an improved radio antenna design that solves the loss of signal issue faced in the previous versions.

Cadence sensor

Both 4iiii and Stages have a built-in cadence sensor. Each model has a slightly different cadence detection range;

  • 4iiii Precision (30 – 150 RPM)
  • 4iiii Precision 3 (30 – 170 RPM)
  • Stages Power Left (10 – 220 RPM)

Many cyclists rarely go above 130 RPM, so the cadence range is not an important consideration.

Warranty period

4iiii has a better warranty cover at 3 years vs Stages’ one-year warranty.


Both Stages and 4iiii Precision 3 are competitively priced relative to each other. The 4iiii Precision 3 costs $10 more than the Stages for a similar model.

As the 4iiii Precision is an older model, it’s about $40 cheaper than the Stages.

The table below shows the recommended retail prices for all models.

Crankset modelPrecision 34iiii PrecisionStages Power Left
Crankset modelPrecision 3PrecisionStages Power L
Shimano 105 R7000$335$285$325
Performance Bike
Shimano Ultegra R8000$385
Performance Bike
Performance Bike
Shimano Ultegra R8100$435
Competitive Cyclist
Shimano Dura Ace R9000$480
Shimano Dura Ace R9100$490$440$480
Performance Bike
Shimano Dura Ace R9200$500
Competitive Cyclist
Shimano GRX810$385$335$375
Competitive Cyclist
Shimano XT M8000$375
Shimano XT M8100$385$335$375
Shimano XTR M9000$570
Shimano XTR M9100$515$465$570
Competitive Cyclist
Campagnolo Super Record 12s$900
Competitive Cyclist
Campagnolo Record 12s$750
Campagnolo Super Record 11s$850
Cannondale SI$375
Performance Bike
FSA SL-K$540
Recommended pricing for 4iiii vs Stages power meters
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