Vuelta Espana Time Trial Winners’ Average Speed

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Primoz Roglic, 2022 Vuelta Espana

The time trial (TT) is a unique cycling discipline where the riders use a time trial (TT) instead of their regular road bike to race.

There are three types of time trials held at the Vuelta Espana.

  • Individual time trial (ITT). Riders ride solo along a course typically between 40 to 50km long (25 to 31 miles) and complete in under an hour.
  • Prologue. Similar to an ITT, but under 10km (6.2 miles) long. The prologue usually takes place a day before Stage 1. This allows the riders to settle into the race before the hectic first week.
  • Team time trial (TTT) is competed by the entire team. The riders will ride in each other’s slipstream to achieve the highest possible average speed. TTT is a beauty to watch when executed properly.

Fastest individual time trial (ITT)

Below are 19 of the fastest individual time trial times at Vuelta Espana with an average speed above 50km/h.

RiderAverage speed (km/h)TimeDistance (km)StageStart / finishYear
Rubén Plaza56.2241′ 31″38.920Guadalajara – Alcala de Henares2005
Filippo Ganna55.9927′ 39″25.810Valladolid – Valladolid2023
Samuel Sánchez54.0922′ 11″20.020Villalba2007
Peter Velits52.3652′ 43″46.027Peñafiel2010
Eddy Merckx52.3512′ 2″10.517bHernani – San Sebastián1973
Ettore Pastorelli52.2919′ 58″17.41Santa Cruz de Tenerife1988
Abraham Olano52.0053′ 32″46.46Salamanca1999
Adriano Malori51.9611′ 12″9.721Santiago de Compostela2014
Abraham Olano51.6647′ 37″41.07Salamanca1995
Cabestany Pello Ruíz51.6213′ 22″11.51Benicassim1990
Aitor González51.6147′ 54″41.221Warner Bros Park – Madrid2002
Isidro Nozal51.541h 2′ 3″53.313Albacete2003
Bert Grabsch51.5057′ 5″49.08Cariñena – Zaragoza2007
José Antonio González51.433′ 2″2.611bBilbao1971
Álvaro Pino51.3325′ 43″22.021Jerez de la Frontera1986
Chris Froome51.3247′ 0″40.216Circuito de Navarra – Logroño2017
Tony Rominger51.0210′ 35″9.01Valladolid1994
Abraham Olano50.9447′ 7″40.09Alcudia1998
Tyler Hamilton50.9047′ 16″40.18Almusafes2004
Fastest individual time trial (ITT) at Vuelta Espana

Fastest prologue (<10km)

Below are top five fastest prologue times at Vuelta Espana with an average speed above 50km/h.

RiderAverage speed (km/h)TimeDistance (km)Start / finishYear
Roger Swerts56.605′ 18″5.0Almería1974
Fabian Cancellara54.005′ 20″4.8Assen2009
Abraham Olano53.507′ 51″7.0Zaragoza1995
Bert Oosterbosch52.366′ 25″5.6Valladolid1985
De Galdeano Igor González51.676′ 58″6.0Murcia1999
Fastest Prologues at Vuelta Espana