2023 Orbea Orca Size Charts and Guide

In this article, our road bike specialist Bernard Lu guides you on how to find your ideal Orbea Orca size.

Experienced cyclist turned writer with 7+ years working in bike shops, overseeing retail and workshop operations.

This sizing guide helps you find your ideal Orbea Orca size. 

The Orca is an all-rounder race bike released in July 2023 with an updated frame design. Its aggressive geometry places you in a lower and more stretched-out position.

According to Orbea, there are five frame sizes suitable for those between 5’1″ and 6’1″ (155 to 185cm). If you’re taller than 6’1″ (185cm), I recommend exploring other brands like Specialized, Trek, or Giant, which cater to taller cyclists.

Bike sizeRider height (in)Rider height (cm)
475’1″ – 5’3″155 – 160
495’3″ – 5’5″160 – 166
515’6″ – 5’8″167 – 172
536’2″ – 6’9″173 – 179
555’11” – 6’1″180 – 185
Orbea Orca size vs rider height chart. Source: Orbea

Other factors to consider beyond height

Orbea Orca SRAM Red eTap AXS
Orbea Orca Shimano Ultegra Di2

Here are important things to consider from my experience working at the bike shop, helping my customers determine their right bike size.

Orbea sizing vs. others

While the Orbea Orca comes in sizes 47, 49, 51, 53, and 55, it’s essential to understand that these numbers are more than just arbitrary values. 

They represent the frame’s size but remember, sizing can vary between brands. For instance, a size 51 Orbea might differ from a size 51 BMC. It’s always best to delve deeper than just the surface numbers.

Stack and reach are crucial

Drawing from my own experience, I can’t stress enough the significance of the Stack and Reach measurements. If you’re currently riding a bike that feels like an extension of yourself, use its Stack and Reach as a reference.

  • Stack is the vertical distance from the bottom bracket to the head tube’s top. It plays a pivotal role in determining your handlebar’s height relative to your saddle. A higher stack offers a more relaxed posture, ideal for extended rides or those who prefer a more upright position due to lower back concerns.
  • Reach is the horizontal distance from the bottom bracket to the head tube’s center, Reach is crucial in determining your riding posture. A longer reach offers a more aggressive stance, while a shorter one ensures a compact, upright position.

The Stack and Reach measurements can be found in the frame geometry chart below.

What if you fall between sizes?

It’s not uncommon to find yourself torn between two sizes. From my observations at the shop, I’ve noticed many cyclists inadvertently opting for a slightly larger frame. Here’s my advice.

  • Body Proportions. Those with longer legs and a shorter torso might find a smaller frame more comfortable. Conversely, if you have a shorter inseam but a longer torso, a larger frame might be more suitable.
  • Flexibility. Your flexibility plays a role too. If you lean towards the less flexible side, consider a frame like the Giant Defy Advanced, designed for endurance and comfort.

Test ride before you buy

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, always test ride. Head to your nearest Orbea dealer and try out the sizes you’re considering. Most established dealers, from my experience, are more than willing to offer test rides, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Orbea Orca frame geometry (2020-2023)

Orbea Orca Stack and Reach
Orbea Orca Stack and Reach

The geometry chart below applies to all Orbea Orca frames from the following:

  • Years: 2024 (launched July 2023)
  • Models: Orbea Orca OMX, OMR, M10, M11, M20, M21, M30, M31, M35
  • Frame material: Carbon

Learn more about the frame geometry measurements here.

Frame Size47495153555760
Rider Height (cm)155 to 160160 to 166167 to 172173 to 180180 to 185186 to 191192 to 207
Rider Height (ft)5’1” to 5’3″5’3” to 5’5″5’6” to 5’8″5’8” to 5’11″5’11” to 6’1″6’8” to 6’3″6’4” to 7’2″
Stack (mm)370375380385391398404
Reach (mm)506515533552572590616
Top Tube, Effective (mm)510.3522.7535.9548.5560.4576.1590
Seat Tube, C-T (mm)440460480500520540570
Seat Tube Angle74.5º74º73.7º73.5º73.5º73.2º73.2º
Head Tube (mm)110.5118.2134.6152.9173.1191.2218.3
Head Tube Angle71º71.5º72.2º72.8º73º73.2º73.2º
Chainstay (mm)408408408408408408408
BB Height (mm)268.5268.5268.5270.5270.5270.5270.5
BB Drop (mm)72727270707070
Wheelbase (mm)971.8975.4980981.2991.41001.91015.6
Standover Height (mm)736.5748.5767.5788.5808.5826.5852.5
Fork Length (mm)365365365365365365365
Fork Offset (mm)48484843434343
Trail (mm)6662.858.459.958.757.457.4
Crankarm Length (mm)170170170170172172175
Stem Length (mm)809090100100110120
Handlebar Width (mm)360380380400400420420
Orbea Orca (2024) frame geometry chart. Source: Orbea
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