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Altitude Training

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Cyclists inside An Altitude Tent
Cyclists inside An Altitude Tent

Altitude training is the type of training that a cyclist does at a high altitude, which is a place where the air is thinner and has less oxygen.

Altitude training is also known as hypoxic training, which means training in a low-oxygen environment. The term comes from the physiology and sports science of endurance training, which studies the effects of altitude on performance and adaptation.

Altitude training can improve the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles by increasing the red blood cells and hemoglobin, which are the oxygen-carrying components of the blood. Altitude training can also enhance the efficiency and capacity of the muscles to use oxygen. Altitude training can help cyclists improve their endurance, power, and speed.

Some examples of altitude training are:

  • Living high and training low is staying at a high altitude for most of the time and training at a lower altitude for some of the time.
  • Living high and training high is staying and training at a high altitude most of the time.
  • Simulated altitude training is using a device or a chamber that mimics the conditions of a high altitude.
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