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Wout van Aert wins Tour de France Stage
Wout van Aert wins Tour de France Stage

An all-rounder is a cycling term that refers to a rider who excels in different aspects of cycling, such as climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and riding on various terrains. An all-rounder is versatile and adaptable and can perform well in different races and situations.

The term all-rounder comes from the English word for someone skilled or competent in many fields or activities. It is a common term in sports, especially cricket, where it denotes a player who can bat and bowl well.

The term all-rounder is often used in the context of road cycling, where it describes a rider who can contend for the general classification or the overall victory in stage races, as well as win one-day races or classics. An all-rounder is usually a team leader or a valuable teammate who can support the leader in different scenarios.

Some synonyms or related terms for all-rounder are complete rider, versatile rider, or jack-of-all-trades.

An example of an all-rounder in action is the Belgian cyclist Wout van Aert, who has won the sprint, mountain top, and time trial stages in the Tour de France, multiple Cyclocross World Championships, and prestigious one-day races.

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