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Aero Seatpost

Founder, Mr. Mamil
Cervelo S5 Frameset
Cervelo S5 Frameset with the SP20 aero seatpost

An aero seatpost is a type of bicycle seatpost with a streamlined shape and profile intended to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve the rider’s speed and efficiency. The aero seatpost was introduced in the 1990s, as part of the development of aero road bikes and triathlon bikes.

Aero seatposts are usually carbon fiber and have a teardrop or oval cross-section. Aero seatposts are often proprietary designs for specific frame models and thus cannot be mounted on other manufacturers’ bikes.

The term aero seatpost comes from the word aerodynamic, which means relating to the motion of air and the forces that affect objects moving through it. The aero seatpost is one of the components that contributes to the overall aerodynamics of the bike, along with the frame, wheels, handlebars, and helmet.

An example of an aero seatpost is the Cervelo SP20 Carbon, designed to fit the Cervelo S5 aero road bike.

Alex Lee at Mr.Mamil

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