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Aero Position

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Time Trial Aero Position
Time Trial Aero Position

An aero position is a riding posture that minimizes the cyclist’s frontal area and air resistance, allowing them to achieve higher speeds and save energy.

An aero position typically involves bending the elbows and lowering the torso while holding the handlebars in the drops or on the aero bars. An aero position requires a proper bike fit, saddle, stem, and handlebar adjustment to optimize comfort and performance.

The term aero position comes from the word aerodynamic, which means relating to the motion of air and the forces that affect objects moving through it. The aero position is influenced by fluid dynamics principles, which state that a reduction in frontal area leads to a reduction in drag.

The aero position was popularized by cyclists such as Greg LeMond, who used it to win the 1989 Tour de France by eight seconds.

Some synonyms or related terms for aero position are:

  • Tuck position
  • Aero tuck
  • Aero posture
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