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Aero Bike

Founder, Mr. Mamil
Jonas Vingegaard Cervelo S5 at Tour de France 2023
Jonas Vingegaard’s Cervelo S5

An aero bike is a road bike designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase speed.

The term aero bike comes from the word aerodynamic, which means relating to the motion of air and the forces that affect objects moving through it. Aero bikes typically have features such as:

  • Streamlined frames with truncated airfoil shapes that reduce turbulence and drag.
  • Integrated components such as brakes, cables, handlebars, and stems hide them from the airflow and create a cleaner profile.
  • Deep-section wheels that cut through the air and improve stability in crosswinds.
  • Narrow tires that have lower rolling resistance and less frontal area.
  • Aggressive riding positions that lower the rider’s body and reduce their frontal area.

Aero bikes are used by cyclists who want to go faster on flat or rolling terrain, such as time trialists, triathletes, sprinters, and breakaway specialists. Some examples of aero bikes are the Specialized Venge, the Trek Madone, the Canyon Aeroad, and the Cervelo S5.

Alex Lee at Mr.Mamil

Alex Lee is the founder and editor-at-large of Mr. Mamil. Coming from a professional engineering background, he breaks down technical cycling nuances into an easy-to-understand and digestible format here.

He has been riding road bikes actively for the past 12 years and started racing competitively in the senior category during the summer recently.