Santa Cruz Gravel Bikes Size by Height (2023)

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Looking for the ideal Santa Cruz Stigmata gravel bike size for your height?

Use the size charts below (in metric and imperial) to compare against your height.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

Santa Cruz Stigmata
Santa Cruz Stigmata

The Santa Cruz Stigmata is a versatile carbon fiber cyclocross bike that can handle anything from gravel roads to muddy trails. It features a lightweight carbon frame, internal cable routing, and clearance for up to 45mm tires.

The bike is available in several builds, including the Stigmata CC Rival, Stigmata CC Force AXS, and Stigmata CC GRX. It’s perfect for riders who want a bike that can handle a variety of terrain and conditions.

Santa Cruz Stigmata sizeRider height (in)Rider height (cm)
S5’3″ – 5’6″160 – 168
M5’6″ – 5’9″168 – 175
L5’9″ – 6’0″175 – 183
XL6’0″ – 6’2″183 – 188
XXL6’2″ – 6’6″188 – 198
Santa Cruz Stigmata size chart by rider height. Source: Santa Cruz

What if I’m between two bike sizes?

It’s not uncommon for you to find yourself on the cusp of two sizes when choosing a bike. Most bike brands design their frames with some degree of size overlap.

So, if you find yourself straddling the fence between two sizes, here’s some guidance:

  • A smaller frame often provides you with a heightened sense of control. The reduced frame geometry can make it easier to handle the bike in tight turns, quick stops, or technical terrains. However, the smaller size typically offers a more race-ready or aggressive stance. This posture can be advantageous for speed and agility but might compromise comfort, especially on longer rides.
  • A bigger frame tends to elevate your posture on the bike, making it more upright. This stance can be more relaxed and comfortable, especially for leisure rides or longer rides. While the larger size offers comfort, it might not be as agile as its smaller counterpart. The extended frame geometry can make sudden maneuvers or sharp turns slightly more challenging.
  • If still undecided, consult your local bike shop, or consider getting a bike fit.