Ornot Micro Climate Jacket Review

Written by : Mr Mamil
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When I first came across the Ornot Micro Climate jersey, my initial thought was this would be a useful jacket in my wardrobe. It is specifically designed for microclimates in San Francisco where it can be chilly, cold, warm, wet, and windy, all in the same ride.

I have similar weather patterns here in Melbourne. The weather here in Melbourne is infamous for being inconsistent, mainly due to the wind direction. It can be 5ºC at 6am on a summer morning when the ride starts and by the time it ends, it can be 25ºC at 10am.

So, I’ll need a jacket that is breathable, lightweight, and packable for all year, except winter. I bought the Ornot Micro Climate jersey for this reason.

Here’s what I think of the Ornot Micro Climate Jacket. For reference, I’m 5’7, weigh 145 lbs and wear size XS.

The Ornot Micro Climate is my go-to jacket for rides that has a big change in temperatures or unpredictable weather conditions (7ºC to 20ºC / 45ºF to 68ºF) during the shoulder seasons.

Mr. Mamil

What I like

  • Stash bag. This is one of the biggest selling points for me. Oftentimes, I’ll just simply roll up my wind jacket and chuck it into the jersey pocket. The pocket of the Micro Climate acts as a stash bag when flipper over and helps to keep the jacket in a nice little touch. If my jersey pocket is full, I can also squeeze the packed jacket into one of my bottle cages.
  • Comfortable fabric. The inner layer is smooth and felt comfortable against the bare arms when I’m wearing a short sleeve base layer. The fabric is very stretchy and hugs the body snugly.
  • Perfect fit. I find the size XS fits me perfectly. The sleeve length is just right up to my wrists and no flapping on the shoulders when riding in the winds. The torso length is just enough to cover my summer jersey without exposing it.
  • Sizing chart is on point. The size chart by Ornot is very helpful. It has data from three dimensions (weight, height vs fit). I chose XS for a tighter fit knowing that the fabric is very stretchable should I wear layers underneath. If you’re unsure, you can email them and they typically reply within the same business day from my own experience.
  • Double zipper is easy to use. The zipper goes both ways from the top or bottom and provides me various ways to ventilate.
  • Breathable. I spend most of my time riding in Zone 2 or 3 where I’m able to hold a conversation. The jacket is very breathable for these types of efforts. As expected, I’d find myself sweating inside if I’m on a sustained effort (>15 mins) such as on a climb.
  • Lack of branding makes the Micro Climate jacket attractive to me. I’m not someone who likes my kit as a billboard and in my opinion, Ornot shares the same view.

What I dislike

  • Limited bright colors. There are three colors to choose from; Morocco (yellow fluro), Stone Blue, and Sage (khaki). It would be even better if there are brighter color choices such as orange or red.
  • Small zipper pull makes it hard to access the zipper especially when I’m wearing full-finger gloves.
  • Pricing on the high side. At $212, the Micro Climate is priced on the higher side compared to other wind jackets on the market. They do give a 10% discount for first-time customers.

How I use the Ornot Micro Climate Jacket

Here are some of the typical scenarios that I use the Ornot Micro Climate jacket.

  • Short morning rides below 2 hours. 7ºC to 13ºC (45ºF to 55ºF). Merino base layer, Micro Climate jacket, thermal bib knickers.
  • Long morning rides above 2 hours. 7ºC to 20ºC (45ºF to 68ºF). Mesh base layer, summer jersey, Micro Climate jacket, bib shorts.
  • Long rides with unpredictable weather. Either wear it or store it in the back pocket, just in case.

Availability and where to buy

The Micro Climate Jacket is only available on Ornot’s website.

Competitors and other alternatives

There are only two leading models when it comes to pedal-based power meters on the market today. The Favero Assioma is the obvious competitor to the Garmin Rally.

  • Castelli Goccia Jacket is a cheaper, but bulkier alternative when packed into the jersey pocket. It’s a fully waterproof yet very breathable jacket and retails for $169.
  • Assos Mille GT Clima Jacket Evo is designed as an emergency jacket that is windproof and water repellent. Priced similarly at $21, it has a highly reflective outer layer and packs down into a very compact size.