Mont du Chat Climb Profile

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Mont du Chat Climb
Mont du Chat

The Mont du Chat is part of the French Jura Mountains and sits at an altitude of 1,504m above sea level. It’s located just outside of Lac de Bourget in the French Alps.

It’s known for its steep gradients and stunning views from the top of the entire valley below. There are also several restaurants and cafes at the top, making it a great place to stop for a break.

There are three ways up to the Mont du Chat. 

  • From La Brasserie Du Lac
  • From Yenne (northwest)
  • From Le Campet (southwest)

Starting point : La Brasserie Du Lac

La Brasserie Du Lac is located just outside Mont du Chat. The road zigzags up towards Mont du Chat with a stunning with of the valley below.

La Brasserie Du Lac is the most popular way up Mont du Chat. It’s also the hardest, with an average gradient of 9.2% over 12.2km.

Mont du Chat from La Brasserie Du Lac
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,125m
Minimum elevation340m
Maximum elevation1,465m
Average gradient9.2%
Maximum gradient12.5%
Strava segmentMont du Chat from La Brasserie Du Lac
Mont du Chat from La Brasserie Du Lac

Starting point : Yenne

Yenne is located to the northwest of Mont du Chat. The climb from Yenne is lesser known but worth a try if you want to experience Mont du Chat from the opposite side.

From Yenne, the climb is 17.3km long and averages 6.3%. The last 8km is steeper with gradients above 10%.

Mont du Chat from Yenne
Elevation gain1,268m
Minimum elevation234m
Maximum elevation1,487m
Average gradient6.3%
Maximum gradient14.9%
More detailsMont du Chat from Yenne
Mont du Chat from Yenne

Starting point : Le Campet

Le Campet is located southwest of Mont du Chat. You’ll start the actual claim from Cremaire, 4.5km outside Le Campet.

From Le Campet, it’s 12.1km long and averages 9%.

Mont du Chat from Le Campet
Elevation gain1,090m
Minimum elevation398m
Maximum elevation1,487m
Average gradient9.0%
Maximum gradient15.3%
More detailsMont du Chat from Le Campet
Mont du Chat from Le Campet

Mont du Chat in the Tour de France

Mont du Chat only featured in the Tour de France twice, in 1974 and 2017. 

In 2017, Richie Porte crashed out of the Tour de France on the Mont du Chat, descending into Chambéry. Rigoberto Urán was the stage winner that day.

YearStageCategoryStartFinishFirst to summit
20179HCNantuaChamberyWarren Barguil
1974102GaillardAix-les-BainsGonzalo Aja
Mont du Chat appearance at the Tour de France