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La Vuelta 2022 – Stage 19 Preview

Written by : Mr Mamil
Last updated :
  • Date : 9th September 2022
  • Start : Talavera De La Reina
  • End : Talavera De La Reina
  • Distance : 132.7km
  • Profile : Hilly

Stage 19 profile

Start / finish : Trujillo

Talavera de la Reina is located in the province of Toledo, approximately 70 km southwest of Madrid. The city has a population of about 83,000 people.

The area around Talavera de la Reina has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first settlers were the Celts, who built a fort on the hill now known as “La Cava”. Later, the Romans established a settlement here, which they called “Talabroca”.

During the Middle Ages, Talavera de la Reina was an important stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. The city’s cathedral was built in the 12th century and is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Spain.

Talavera de la Reina is famous for its ceramics, which have been produced here since the 16th century. The city’s ceramics are known all over the world and have been exported to many countries.

Today, Talavera de la Reina is a thriving city with a lively cultural scene. The city is home to several museums, art galleries, and theaters. There are also many festivals and events held throughout the year.

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