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Get to know the ins and outs of your bike gadgets, from bike computers to heart rate monitors, power meters, indoor trainers, and various sensors.

Learn the basics of cycling gadgets, including installing and setting up your devices, connecting them to your bike, and interpreting the data they provide.

Bike computers

Delete Wahoo Elemnt Routes

How to Delete Routes from Wahoo Elemnt

Delete routes on your Wahoo Elemnt bike computer with this guide.
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt QR Code

How to Display Wahoo Elemnt QR Code

Display the QR code on your Wahoo Elemnt bike computer.
Reset Wahoo Elemnt

How to Reset Wahoo Elemnt

Factory reset your Wahoo Elemnt bike computer with these steps.
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Startup Screen

How to Update Hammerhead Karoo Firmware

Upgrade your Hammerhead Karoo bike computer firmware version.
Wahoo Elemnt Firmware Update

How to Update Wahoo Elemnt Firmware

Update the firmware version on your Wahoo Elemnt bike computer.
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Screen

How to Upload Routes to Hammerhead Karoo

Upload your planned routes to your Hammerhead Karoo bike computer.