Bike Maintenance How-to’s

Learn basic bike maintenance tasks like cleaning and lubricating your chain to more advanced tasks like replacing worn-out parts and adjusting the gears and brakes.

With these skills and knowledge, your bike will spend more time on the road than at the workshop.

General maintenance

How to Fix the Common Bike Problems

Fix common bike maintenance problems at home yourself.

How to Perform Pre-ride Bicycle Safety Checks

Perform these safety checks before leaving home for your next ride.

How to Use A Bicycle Torque Wrench

Learn how to tighten your bike’s bolts and nuts with confidence using a torque wrench.

Brakes maintenance

Drivetrain maintenance


Shimano Di2 guides

Shimano di2 rear derailleur

How to Change Shimano Di2 Synchronized Shift Modes

Change your Shimano Di2 shift modes for better shifting performance.
Charging Shimano 9200 Di2 Battery

How to Charge Shimano Di2 Battery

Charge your Shimano Di2 battery with ease using these instructions.
checking shimano di2 battery levels

How to Check Shimano Di2 Battery Levels

Check and maintain the battery levels on your Shimano Di2 groupset with ease using these instructions.
Shimano Di2 Gear Display on Garmin Computers

How to Connect Shimano Di2 to Bike Computers

Connect your Shimano Di2 to a bike computer easily.
Shimano E-Tube App

How to Connect Shimano Di2 to E-Tube Project App

Learn how to connect to the E-Tube Project App on your smartphone.
Change Shimano Di2 Button Configuration

How to Get the Most Out of Shimano Di2

Discover the lesser-known Shimano Di2 features.

Tires and wheels guide

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Tires 7

How to Tell A Bicycle Tire Direction

Learn why tire rotation direction matters.
Inflating Using CO2 Inflator

How to Use A CO2 Inflator

Use a CO2 inflator like a pro with these step-by-step instructions.
Bicycle Pump Pressure Gauge

Road Bikes Tire Pressure Guide

Find your ideal tire pressure.
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Tires

What Affects Tire Wear?

Extend tire life by understanding these five factors that affect tire wear.

Pedals and saddles

remove shimano spd-sl pedals

How to Remove Bicycle Pedals

Remove your bicycle pedals with these easy-to-follow steps.
Measuring Saddle Height

How to Set Saddle Height

Measure your saddle height with these easy-to-follow steps for a better bike fit.