Giant Kids Bike Size Charts (2023)

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Getting a bike from Giant for your child but unsure about their ideal size?

The tables below are the latest (year 2023) sizing chart vs height from Giant.

How to determine the ideal Giant size.

The standover height is the most accurate predictor of the ideal bike size. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Measure your child’s inseam. It’s the distance from their crotch to the ground with their regular pants and shoes on.
  2. Subtract 3.8cm (1.5″) from the inseam measurement to get your Child’s Standover Height.
  3. Child’s Standover Height = Inseam – 3.8cm (1.5″)
  4. Compare your Child’s Standover Height against the tables below for the preferred bike mode.
  5. The ideal bike size should have a Bike Standover Height less than the Child’s Standover Height.

Giant Animator

Giant Animator 16
Giant Animator 16
Giant BikesAnimator 12Animator 16
Wheel size12″16″
Kid’s height (cm)90 – 110105 – 125
Kid’s height (in)2’11” – 3’7″3’5″ – 4’1″
Bike standover height (cm)34.440.7
Bike standover height (in)13.5″16″
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Giant Animator bike size chart

Giant STP

Giant STP 20
Giant STP 20
Giant BikesSTP 20STP 24STP 26 RegularSTP 26 Large
Wheel size20″24″26″26″
Kid’s height (cm)115 – 130125 – 145140 – 160155 – 170
Kid’s height (in)3’9 – 4’3″4’1″ – 4’9″4’7″ – 5’3″5’1″ – 5’7″
Bike standover height (cm)54.660.36871.8
Bike standover height (in)21.5″23.7″26.7″28.2″
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Giant STP bike size chart

Giant XTC Jr.

Giant XTC Jr. 20
Giant XTC Jr. 20
Giant BikesXTC Jr. 20XTC Jr. 24
Wheel size20″24″
Kid’s height (cm)120 – 140130 – 150
Kid’s height (in)3’11 – 4’7″4’3″ – 4’11”
Bike standover height (cm)52.461.3
Bike standover height (in)20.6″24.1″
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Giant XTC Jr. bike size chart