How to Fix A Tubeless Tire Puncture

Written by : Mr Mamil
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Repaired Tubeless Tire with Dynaplug Racer

One of the main benefits of running a tubeless tire setup is improved puncture protection, especially for pinch flats. For most punctures you’ll experience while riding, the sealant will do its job and seal up the cut without you even noticing.

But in some cases, the cut is too deep or wide that the sealant won’t able to seal.

You’ll need a tubeless repair kit.

There are many to choose from today from brands such as Blackburn, Dynaplug, Effetto Mariposa, Lezyne Stans, and Zefal, among others.

They all work the same way, albeit with slightly different designs depending on the brands. The objective is to plug the hole with a rubber strip and allow the sealant to seal the smaller gaps.

How to use a tubeless repair kit

  1. Make sure the tire is completely deflated.
  2. Locate the puncture. It’s often easy to locate, as you’ll see some sealant residues.
  3. Remove any stuck debris, such as glass, stones, or nails.
  4. Thread the plug (rubber strip) through the eye of the needle. Skip this step if you’re using Dynaplugs or Stans, as each of their plugs comes with a needle.
  5. Slowly insert the needle into (0.5 to 1cm deep) puncture hole.
  6. Pull out the needle, and the plug should remain in the tire.
  7. Spin the wheel to allow the sealant to cover the plug.
  8. Proceed to inflate the tire to your desired tire pressure.
  9. Use a small blade (some puncture repair kit comes with it) to cut off the tire’s protruding plug (rubber strip).
  10. Otherwise, twist the plug (rubber strip) towards the middle of the tire so that it doesn’t get in contact with the bike frame.

How long can the tubeless repair kit last?

The tubeless repair kit last will be permanent on the tire. It will last until the tire wears out.

What happens if the plug can’t seal the hole?

Sometimes the hole is too big, and one plug isn’t enough. You can either use two plugs or use a larger plug. Some brands, such as Dynaplug, come with two plug sizes in their tubeless repair kit.

What are the best tubeless repair kits?

There are many brands and models to choose from today. Some of my favorites are,

  • Dynaplugs. Comes in a very slim tube with solid 6061 aluminum body construction. Each Dynaplug comes with a standard and Megaplug for larger cuts. The downside to Dynaplug is its price, which is very high. Another alternative is Stan’s NoTubes DART.
  • Zefal. Very cheap (~$10) and comes with three standard and three larger strips. The downside is it’s very bulky and will take up space in your saddle bag.