How to Deflate Road Bike Tires

Written by : Mr Mamil
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Deflate Road Bike Tire

There are times when you need to deflate your bike tire for several reasons such as :

  • Over-inflation
  • Changing an inner tube
  • Changing a tire
  • Packing the bike for travels
  • Puncture repair

This article covers the steps to deflate a bike tire.

Tools required :

  • Inner tube
  • Bicycle tire
  • Bicycle wheel

Estimated time : 30 seconds

Step 1. Remove the valve cap

  • Place it somewhere safe so that you don’t lose it.
  • Skip this step if you don’t have one.

Step 2. Loosen the small lockring nut on the valve core

  • Make sure to unscrew it completely.
  • Skip this step if you’re using a Schrader valve.

Step 3. Release the air

  • For Presta valves (also known as French valves), gently depress the locking nut. Each press should only last for 0.5 to 1 second.
  • For Schrader valves (also known as American valves), gently depress the tiny pin in the middle of the valve for 0.5 to 1 second each time. You can use your fingernails to do it, but a flat-head screwdriver will make things easier.
  • Pinch the tire with your fingers to determine if you have reached your desired tire pressure.
  • If you’re releasing all the air, then press and hold.
  • Repeat several times if necessary.

Step 4. Once done, tighten the locking nut

  • Make sure the nut is tightened all the way in.
  • Otherwise, you might accidentally release more air when you put on the valve cap.
  • Insert the valve cap and tighten it.

Step 5. Insert the valve cap

  • Make sure it’s finger-tight so it doesn’t rattle and drop off unknowingly.