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Col du Tourmalet Climb
Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet (2,115m) is the highest peak in the French Pyrenees, located in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées. The pass connects the towns of Sainte-Marie-de-Campan to the northeast and Luz Saint Sauveur to the west.

The Col du Tourmalet, commonly known as just the Tourmalet among cycling fans in France, is one of the most iconic climbs in the Tour de France, alongside Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux, and Hautacam

Col du Tourmalet is a tough Hors Catégorie (HC) climb as you’ll go above 2,000m above sea level.

There are two ways to climb the Col du Tourmalet.

  • From Sainte-Marie-de-Campan (northeast)
  • From Luz Saint Sauveur (west)

The Col d’Aspin and Col du Peyresoude are also within the vicinity of Col du Tourmalet for those who are looking to do multiple climbs in a single ride.

Starting point : Sainte-Marie-de-Campan

Sainte-Marie-de-Campan is located to the east of Col du Tourmalet. From Sainte-Marie-de-Campan, its 17km to the top of Col du Tourmalet with an average gradient of 7.2%

The first 4km are relatively flat before the gradient gets steeper.

Col du Tourmalet from Sainte-Marie de Campan
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,236m
Minimum elevation861m
Maximum elevation2,094m
Average gradient7.2%
Maximum gradient11.6%
Strava segmentCol du Tourmalet from Sainte-Marie de Campan
Col du Tourmalet from Sainte-Marie de Campan

Starting point : Luz Saint Sauveur

Luz Saint Sauveur is located west of Col du Tourmalet. The climb from Luz Saint Sauveur is 18.8km long with an average gradient of 7.4%. 

It’s a long climb, so pace yourself and save something much steeper for the last 2km.

Col du Tourmalet from Luz Saint Sauveur
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,387m
Minimum elevation721m
Maximum elevation2,111m
Average gradient7.4%
Maximum gradient12.4%
Strava segmentCol du Tourmalet from Luz Saint Sauveur
Col du Tourmalet from Luz Saint Sauveur

Col du Tourmalet in the Tour de France

Col du Tourmalet is an Hors Catégorie (HC) climb from both directions; Sainte-Marie-de-Campan and Luz Saint Sauveur. It holds the record for the most Tour de France appearances with 88, dating back to 1910.

Since 1947, Col du Tourmalet has never been absent for more than two years. From 2001, Col du Tourmalet has been featured 15 times.

It was last used in 2021, on a short Stage 18 (129.7km), where the peloton climbed Col du Tourmalet before finishing atop the Luz Ardiden, where Tadej Pogačar won the stage.

YearStageCategoryStartFinishFirst to summit
202118HCPauLuz ArdidenPierre Latour
201914HCTarbesCol du TourmaletThibaut Pinot
201819HCLourdesLarunsJulian Alaphilippe
20168HCPauBagnères-de-LuchonThibaut Pinot
201511HCPauCauteretsRafał Majka
201418HCPauHautacamBlel Kadri
201216HCPauBagnères-de-LuchonThomas Voeckler
201112HCCugnauxLuz-ArdidenJérémy Roy
201017HCPauCol du TourmaletAndy Schleck
201016HCBagnères-de-LuchonPauChristophe Moreau
20099HCSaint-GaudensTarbesFranco Pellizotti
200810HCPauHautacamRémy Di Gregorio
200611HCTarbesVal d’Aran–Pla-de-BeretDavid de la Fuente
200315HCBagnères-de-BigorreLuz-ArdidenSylvain Chavanel
200114HCTarbesLuz-ArdidenSven Montgomery
199916HCLannemezanPauAlberto Elli
199810HCPauBagnères-de-LuchonAlberto Elli
19979HCPauLoudenvielleJavier Pascual-Rodriguez
199515HCSaint-GironsCauterets–Crêtes du LysRichard Virenque
199412HCLourdesLuz-ArdidenRichard Virenque
199317HCTarbesPauTony Rominger
199113HCJacaVal-LouronClaudio Chiappucci
199016HCBlagnacLuz-ArdidenMiguel Martinez-Torres
198910HCCauteretsSuperbagnèresRobert Millar
198815HCSaint-GironsLuz-ArdidenLaudelino Cubino
198613HCPauSuperbagnèresDominique Arnaud
198517HCToulouseLuz-ArdidenPello Ruiz-Cabestany
198310HCPauBagnères-de-LuchonPatrocinio Jimenez
198013HCPauBagnères-de-LuchonRaymond Martin
1978111PauSaint-Lary-Soulan Pla d’AdetMichel Pollentier
197721AuchPauLucien Van Impe
1976151Saint-Lary-SoulanPauFrancisco Galdós
1975111PauSaint-Lary-Soulan Pla d’AdetLucien Van Impe
1974171Saint-Lary-SoulanCol du TourmaletJean-Pierre Danguillaume
1974181Bagnères-de-BigorrePauGonzalo Aja
1973141Bagnères-de-LuchonPauBernard Thévenet
197281PauBagnères-de-LuchonRoger Swerts
1971161Bagnères-de-LuchonGourette–les-Eaux-BonnesLucien Van Impe
1970191Bagnères-de-BigorreMourenxAndrés Gandarias
1969171La MongieMourenxEddy Merckx
196881PauSaint-GaudensJean-Pierre Ducasse
1967171Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJulio Jiménez
196591DaxBagnères-de-BigorreJulio Jiménez
1964161Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJulio Jiménez
1963101PauBagnères-de-BigorreRaymond Poulidor
1962171PauSaint-GaudensFederico Bahamontes
1961171Bagnères-de-LuchonPauMarcel Queheille
1960111PauBagnères-de-LuchonKurt Gimmi
1959101BayonneBagnères-de-BigorreArmand Desmet
1957181Saint-GaudensPauJosé Manuel Ribeiro da Silva
1955181Saint-GaudensPauMiguel Poblet
1954121PauBagnères-de-LuchonFederico Bahamontes
1953111CauteretsBagnères-de-LuchonJean Robic
1952181Bagnères-de-LuchonPauFausto Coppi
1951141TarbesBagnères-de-LuchonJean Diederich
1950111PauSaint-GaudensKléber Piot
1949111PauBagnères-de-LuchonFausto Coppi
194881LourdesToulouseJean Robic
1947151Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJean Robic
19399PauToulouseEdward Vissers
19388PauBagnères-de-LuchonGino Bartali
193715Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJulián Berrendero
193616Bagnères-de-LuchonPauSylvère Maes
193515PerpignanBagnères-de-LuchonSylvère Maes
193415TarbesPauRené Vietto
193318TarbesPauVicente Trueba
19325PauBagnères-de-LuchonBenoît Fauré
19319PauBagnères-de-LuchonJef Demuysere
19309PauBagnères-de-LuchonBenoît Fauré
19299BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonVictor Fontan
19289HendayeBagnères-de-LuchonCamille Van de Casteele
192711BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonNicolas Frantz
192610BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonOdiel Taillieu
19258BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonOmer Huyse
19246BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonOttavio Bottecchia
19236BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonRobert Jacquinot
19216BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonHector Heusghem
19206BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonFirmin Lambot
19196BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonHonore Barthelemy
19146BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonFirmin Lambot
19136BayonneBagnères-de-LuchonPhilippe Thys
191210Bagnères-de-LuchonBayonneOdile Defraye
191110Bagnères-de-LuchonBayonnePaul Duboc
191010Bagnères-de-LuchonBayonneOctave Lapize
Col du Tourmalet appearances at the Tour de France
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