Col des Saisies Climb Profile

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The Col des Saisies is a mountain pass (1,657m) in the French Alps located in the Savoie département. It connects the towns of Flumet in the north and Bourg-Saint-Maurice in the southeast.

The Col des Saisies is popular with cyclists as it has been regularly used in the Tour de France as recent as 2021. There are two ways to climb the Col des Saisies;

  • From Flumet via Crest Voland (north)
  • From Villard-sur-Doront (south)

Starting point : Flumet

Flumet is located to the north of Col des Saisies.

Among the two ways up to Col des Saisies, the Flumet route is the shortest at 9.6km and averages 6.2%, starting from a higher elevation of 1,021m above sea level.

Alternatively, you can also start from Flons which is 4.5km southwest of Flumet. Both ways will bring to Crest-Voland where the gradient starts to get steeper.

Climb category2
Elevation gain609m
Minimum elevation1,021m
Maximum elevation1,618m
Average gradient6.2%
Maximum gradient10.2%
Strava segmentCol des Saisies from Flumet
Col des Saisies from Flumet

Starting point : Villard-sur-Doron

Villard-sur-Doron is a small French village situated south of Col des Saisies. This is where the actual Strava segment for the climb starts. The climb is 15.3km long with an average gradient of 6.3%.

You can refuel and replenish at Beaufort, 4.5km east of Villard-sur Doron, before climbing the Col des Saisies as there are no shops in Villard-sur-Doron.

Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain983m
Minimum elevation679m
Maximum elevation1,636m
Average gradient6.3%
Maximum gradient10.6%
Strava segmentCol des Saisies from Villard-sur-Doron
Col des Saisies from Villard-sur-Doron

Col des Saisies in the Tour de France

The Col des Saisies is a Category 3 climb. The Tour de France passed Col des Saisies three times; 2009 (Stage 17), 2010 (Stage 9), 2020 (Stage 18), and 2021 (Stage 3).

In 2021, Wout Poels was the first to summit the Col des Saisies from Flumet.