Col de Peyresourde Climb Profile

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Col de Peyresourde Climb
Col de Peyresourde

The Col de Peyresourde is a mountain pass (1,569m) in the French Pyrenees between Bagnères-de-Luchon and Arreau in France.

There are two ways to climb Col de Peyresourde.

  • From Bagnères-de-Luchon (east)
  • From Arreau (northwest)

The climb from Bagnères-de-Luchon is shorter and steeper, while Arreau is longer but easier.

Starting point : Bagnères-de-Luchon

Bagnères-de-Luchon is located to the east of Col de Peyresourde. The Porte de Balès climb is also nearby in Bagnères-de-Luchon as an alternative.

The climb up Col de Peyresourde from Bagnères-de-Luchon is 13.7km long and averages 6.7%.

The first 3km are easier, with a slight downhill after 2.5km, but the gradient ramps up to the summit.

Col de Peyresourde from Bagnères-de-Luchon
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain931m
Minimum elevation633m
Maximum elevation1,556m
Average gradient6.7%
Maximum gradient11.3%
Strava segmentCol de Peyresourde from Bagnères-de-Luchon
Col de Peyresourde from Bagnères-de-Luchon

Starting point : Arreau

Arreau is located to the northwest of Col de Peyresourde. It’s also the starting point for Col d’Aspin if you’re after a more challenging climb.

The climb up Col de Peyresourde from Arreau is 17.3km and averages 4.7%. The first 10km is easy with lots of false flat sections. After that, the gradient averages 5 to 7% to the summit.

Col de Peyresourde from Arreau
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain843m
Minimum elevation740m
Maximum elevation1,556m
Average gradient4.7%
Maximum gradient9.5%
Strava segmentCol de Peyresourde from Arreau
Col de Peyresourde from Arreau

Col de Peyresourde in the Tour de France

Col de Peyresourde is an Hors Catégorie (HC) climb from Bagnères-de-Luchon and Arreau.

It has featured in the Tour de France 68 times, placing it fourth after Col du Tourmalet (88), Col d’Aspin (73), and Col d’Aubisque (73). Col de Peyresourde was first featured in 1910 and as recent as Stage 17 in 2021, which Tadej Pogačar won.

YearStageCategoryStartFinishFirst to summit
2021171MuretSaint-Lary-Soulan Col de PortetAnthony Turgis
202081CazèresLoudenvielleNans Peters
2018171Bagnères-de-LuchonSaint-Lary-Soulan Col de PortetTanel Kangert
2017121PauPeyragudesMikel Nieve
201681PauBagnères-de-LuchonChris Froome
2014171Saint-GaudensPla d’AdetVasil Kiryienka
201391Saint-GironsBagnères-de-BigorreThomas De Gendt
2012171Bagnères-de-LuchonPeyragudesAlejandro Valverde
2012161PauBagnères-de-LuchonThomas Voeckler
2010161Bagnères-de-LuchonPauSylwester Szmyd
200891ToulouseBagnères-de-BigorreSebastian Lang
2007151FoixLoudenvielleAlexander Vinokourov
2006111TarbesPla-de-BeretDavid de la Fuente
2005151Lézat-sur-LèzePla d’AdetLaurent Brochard
2003141Saint-GironsLoudenvielleGilberto Simoni
2001131FoixPla d’AdetLaurent Jalabert
1999151Saint-GaudensPiau-EngalyAlberto Elli
1998101PauBagnères-de-LuchonRodolfo Massi
1995151Saint-GironsCauterets-Crêtes du LysRichard Virenque
1994121LourdesLuz ArdidenRoberto Torres
1993161AndorraPla d’AdetClaudio Chiappucci
1989101CauteretsSuperbagnèresRobert Millar
1988151Saint-GironsLuz ArdidenSteven Rooks
1986131PauSuperbagnèresBernard Hinault
1983101PauBagnères-de-LuchonRobert Millar
198161Saint-GaudensPla d’AdetBernard Hinault
1980131PauBagnères-de-LuchonRaymond Martin
197932Bagnères-de-LuchonPauBernard Hinault
1976141Saint-GaudensPla d’AdetLuis Ocaña
1974162La Seu d’UrgellPla d’AdetVicente López Carril
197282PauBagnères-de-LuchonLucien Van Impe
197116a2Bagnères-de-LuchonGourette-Eaux-BonnesLucien Van Impe
1970182Saint-GaudensLa MongieRaymond Delisle
1969172La MongieMourenxJoaquim Galera
1964162Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJulio Jiménez
1963112Bagnères-de-BigorreBagnères-de-LuchonFederico Bahamontes
1962122PauSaint-GaudensFederico Bahamontes
1961172Bagnères-de-LuchonPauImerio Massignan
1960111PauBagnères-de-LuchonKurt Gimmi
1959111Bagnères-de-BigorreSaint-GaudensValentin Huot
1958141PauBagnères-de-LuchonFederico Bahamontes
1956121PauBagnères-de-LuchonJean-Pierre Schmitz
1955172ToulouseSaint-GaudensCharly Gaul
1954122PauBagnères-de-LuchonFederico Bahamontes
1953112CauteretsBagnères-de-LuchonJean Robic
1952172ToulouseBagnères-de-BigorreAntonio Gelabert
1951142TarbesBagnères-de-LuchonFausto Coppi
1949112PauBagnères-de-LuchonJean Robic
194882LourdesToulouseJean Robic
1947151Bagnères-de-LuchonPauJean Robic
Col de Peyresourde appearances at the Tour de France