Col de Madeleine Climb Profile

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The Col de Madeleine is one of the most popular climbs in France for cyclists, reaching an altitude of 1,993m above sea level. The mountain pass is located in the French Alps, in the Savoie region, between the towns of La Chambre (southwest) and Feissons-sur-Isère (northeast).

Col de Madeleine is famous for its stunning views of the surrounding mountains and challenging climbs. The weather in summer is typically warm and sunny, making it a great time to visit for cycling.

Due to its high elevation, the Col de Madeleine is closed from November to early June due to snowfall.

Col de Madeleine is a monstrous climb regardless of these two directions.

  • La Chambre (southwest)
  • Feissons-sur-Isère (northeast)

Starting point : La Chambre

La Chambre is located southwest of the Col de Madeleine. The Strava segment starts about 4.5km outside of La Chambre.

From here, it’s a tough climb, averaging 7.8% over 19.5km and reaching an altitude of 1,995m above sea level.

Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,118m
Minimum elevation866m
Maximum elevation1,983m
Average gradient7.7%
Maximum gradient11.1%
Strava segmentCol de Madeleine from La Chambre
Col de Madeleine from La Chambre

Starting point : Feissons-sur-Isère

Feissons-sur-Isère is located northeast of Col de Madeleine. The gradients get steep once the Strava segment starts. There are eight switchbacks in the first 3.5km.

The climb up to Col de Madeleine from Feissons-sur-Isère is longer at 25.3km with an average gradient of 6.2%, there is a 3km section of false flat after 9km into the climb.

Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,555m
Minimum elevation423m
Maximum elevation1,978m
Average gradient6.2%
Maximum gradient15.0%
Strava segmentCol de Madeleine from Feissons-sur-Isère
Col de Madeleine from Feissons-sur-Isèren

Col de Madeleine in the Tour de France

Col de Madeleine has appeared in the Tour de France 25 times since 1969.

The last time the Tour de France peloton passed the Col de Madeleine was Stage 17 in 2020. Col de Madeleine was the first of two climbs on that stage won by Miguel Ángel López.

In 2018, Col de Madeleine was the first of three climbs on a stage that ended atop the Alpe d’Huez. Geraint Thomas won this stage while wearing the yellow jersey.