Col de la Madone Climb Profile

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The Col de la Madone (927m) is a famous climb in the French Riviera, near the French-Italian border. 

It’s a popular climb among professional cyclists and is often used as part of their preparation for big races such as the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong frequently tested himself on this climb to gauge his Tour de France readiness.

There are two ways to ascend the Col de la Madone,

  • From Menton (southeast)
  • From La Turbie (south)

Starting point : Menton

Menton sits at sea level (41m) and is southeast of Col de la Madone.

Because of its popularity, there are many Strava segments for Col de la Madone, each with a slightly different starting point. The most common starting point is the Intermarche-Menton supermarket along the D22.

From here, the climb up to Col de la Madone is 12.7km long and averages 6.5%. The gradient is consistent throughout the climb, allowing you to set a steady pace.

Col de la Madone from Menton
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain825m
Minimum elevation50m
Maximum elevation873m
Average gradient6.5%
Maximum gradient9.8%
Strava segmentCol de la Madone from Menton

Starting point : La Turbie

La Turbie is southwest of Col de la Madone and sits at a higher elevation of 461m. This side up the Col de la Madone is lesser-known; thus, you won’t see many cyclists on the road.

The climb from La Turbie is easier at 11.7km long and averages 3.7%. There is a 3.5km false flat section in the middle before it gets steep again for the last 4km.

Col de la Madone from La Turbie
Climb category2
Elevation gain442m
Minimum elevation461m
Maximum elevation896m
Average gradient3.7%
Maximum gradient8.3%
Strava segmentCol de la Madone from La Turbie

Col de la Madone in the Tour de France

The Col de la Madone is probably the most popular climb in France that has never been featured in the Tour de France.