Col d’Aubisque Climb Profile

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Col d'Aubisque Climb

The Col d’Aubisque (1,709m) is a medium mountain pass in the French Pyrenees. The climb is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in France and connects the towns of Laruns in the west and Argelès-Gazos in the east.

There are two ways to ascend the Col d’Aubisque,

  • From Argelès-Gazos, via Col du Soulor (east)
  • From Laruns (west)

Starting point : Argelès-Gazos

Argelès-Gazos is located east of Col d’Aubisque. 

The climb from Argelès-Gazos to Col d’Aubisque will take you through the summit of Col du Soulour (1,474m). From the summit of Col du Soulor, it’s another 9.7km to the top of Col d’Aubisque.

It’s a very long climb from Argelès-Gazos at 29.7km, averaging 4.2%. Once you have climbed Col du Soulor, there is a short 2.5km descent before the summit of Col d’Aubisque starts.

Col d’Aubisque from Argelès-Gazos
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,415m
Minimum elevation445m
Maximum elevation1,692m
Average gradient4.2%
Maximum gradient13.4%
Strava segmentCol d’Aubisque from Argelès-Gazos

Starting point : Laruns

Larus is west of Col d’Aubisque, and the climb from here is 16.8km long and averages 6.9%. Once summiting Col d’Aubisque, you can continue straight towards Col du Soulor.

It’s 7km of descent, followed by 2.5km of climbing.

Col d’Aubisque from Laruns
Climb categoryHC
Elevation gain1,172m
Minimum elevation520m
Maximum elevation1,684m
Average gradient6.9%
Maximum gradient15.6%
Strava segmentCol d’Aubisque from Laruns

Col d’Aubisque in the Tour de France

Col d’Aubisque is an Hors Catégorie (HC) climb from both the east (Argelès-Gazos) and the west (Laruns). It ranks joint-second with Col d’Aspin for the most Tour de France appearances (73), behind only the Col du Tourmalet (88).

Col d’Aubisque first featured in 1910 and as recently as Stage 18 in 2022, where Jonas Vingegaard won the stage atop the Hautacam.