Col d’Aspin Climb Profile

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Col d’Aspin Climb
Col d’Aspin

Col d’Aspin is a mountain pass (1,489m) in France, located in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées. The pass is between the towns of Sainte-Marie-de-Campan, to the northwest, and Arreau, to the southeast in the French Pyrenees.

The Col d’Aspin sits between two other popular mountain passes in the area, with the Col du Tourmalet to its west and the Col de Peyresourde to its southeast.

There are two ways to climb to the Col d’Aspin.

  • From Saint Marie de Campan (northwest)
  • From Arreau (southeast)

Starting point : Saint Marie de Campan

Saint Marie de Campan is located to the northwest of Col d’Aspin. The climb from Saint Marie de Campan up to Col d’Aspin is 12km and averages 6.4%.

The gradient is steady throughout the climb, making it easier to maintain a consistent pace.

Col d’Aspin from Saint Marie de Campan
Climb category2
Elevation gain654m
Minimum elevation851m
Maximum elevation1,488m
Average gradient5.1%
Maximum gradient9.9%
Strava segmentCol d’Aspin from Saint Marie de Campan

Starting point : Arreau

Arreau is southeast of Col d’Aspin.

The climb to Col d’Aspin from Arreau is 12km and averages 6.4%. The first half is relatively easy (3% to 5%) before the gradient picks up in the second half.

Col d’Aspin from Arreau
Climb category1
Elevation gain768m
Minimum elevation690m
Maximum elevation1,457m
Average gradient6.4%
Maximum gradient10.5%
Strava segmentCol d’Aspin from Arreau

Col d’Aspin in the Tour de France

Col d’Aspin is joint-second most widely used (73 times) in the Tour de France with Col d’Aubisque. Only the Col du Tourmalet has been featured more times (88).

Col d’Aspin is a Category 1 climb from Saint Marie de Campan and a Category 2 from Arreau.

It was last used in 2022, on Stage 17, where Tadej Pogačar won the stage atop the Peyragudes. Col d’Aspin was the first of four climbs in that stage.